Human Hair Extensions: Hand-tied Wefts or Machine Wefts?


Do you know there’re two type of weft in the first time you buy human hair extensions? What is the difference and which should you choose?

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Human Hair Hand-tied Wefts

Human hair Hand-tied wefts are thinner and more flexible than machine-tied wefts. The weft is flatter and allows the Vietnam Remy hair extensions to lay closer to the head giving a more natural look. As the hair underneath grows the flexibility of hand-tied wefts helps to keep the weft from sticking out from the undergrowth. Typical hand-tied wefts come in pieces about 24 inches in width.

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Why you should choose hand-tied wefts

The hand-tied weft is usually significantly slimmer than the standard machine-tied weft and the slimmer the weft the easier it is to hide and less-likely for someone to detect if they touch your head. Hair that is machine-wefted tends to be bulkier because the weave itself needs to be hefty so the machine can get a good enough hold of the hair. This is an important factor because no-one wants anyone to see or feel their weave; it is the horrid tell sign of hair extensions.

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Another great benefit of hand-tied hair extensions is that the hair on a hand-tied weft is much more securely attached to the weft. Hair from hand-tied wefts does not shred because of this and therefore the hair extensions last longer. They don’t thin out like human hair extensions machine-wefted   therefore have a much longer life span

Machine Wefts – Human hair extensions

Machine wefts are easier to use and can be found in most hair supply stores. They are the most common type used. Vietnamese Remy hair made with a machine weft can be soft and somewhat flexible. Machine weft hair will also last a long time without shedding. These wefts are easier to put in as the stylist can simply start on one end, sew in the weft, and then cut it at the end of the track.

Why you should choose Machine Wefts

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Hand-tied wefts are that it is recommended that the weft is not cut; you have to use the whole piece without cutting it. the weft will unravel and be shedding easily after cutting. With the longer and harder-sewing wefts, that’s better choice of machine wefts. Machine wefts are more sturdy and can be cut without un raveling. And so is very popular with stylists who are not skilled to deal with hand wefts. Also the ability to cut the weft allows for more flexibility with the hair style.
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