Choose The Right Dyes

Whether you love a natural look or a bold new color trend, it’s important to know exactly how to take care of colored hair. Someone is worried about the damage of the color might cause after coloring. Any sort of chemical treatment that alters your hair’s color or structure is likely to cause damage. These following important hair care tips will help you keep your hair healthy and maintain colored hair as well.

1. Choose The Right Dyes

When you are coloring your hair, it is important to get good-quality dye and bleach so your hair isn’t damaged too much. Use protecting products can minimize damage while you are stripping your hair’s color.

Choose The Right Dyes

2. Rinse With Cool Water

Hot water can open up the hair cuticles, which can cause color to run. This also leads to moisture loss and make your hair susceptible to damage. Cool water or lukewarm water can seal your cuticles and the color in your hair shaft.

Rinse With Cool Water

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3. Wait Before Shampooing Again And Cut Down Your Washes

Once you’ve dyed your hair, try to wait at least 2 days before you wash your hair again. This will minimize color bleeding and moisturize your hair before you wash it as the oil will form a protective layer around your hair shaft. Moreover, if you wash your hair 3 to 5 times a week, try cutting it down to 2-3 times and soak up oil from those roots with dry shampoo if necessary. The more you wash, the quicker your color will fade. This will not only help make the color longer last but also preserve the natural oils on your scalp that nourish your hair. This is one of the best ways to looking after your dyed hair.

Wait Before Shampooing Again And Cut Down Your Washes

4. Protect From The Heat

Everyone knows that using heat styling tools frequently can cause a considerable amount of damage to your hair. After coloring your hair, try to cut down on your use of heat styling tools. Even you should let your hair air-dry instead of using a blow dryer. If you want to use it, let’s use it on the cool setting while keeping the dryer at a certain distance from your hair. If you want to try some new hairstyles, remember to apply a heat protectant first to take care of your hair.

Protect From The Heat 1Protect From The Heat 2


5. Have Healthy Diet

The food you eat has a direct correlation with how your skin and hair look. You can nourish your hair by drinking lots of water and eating clean food. If you want your hair to look healthy and smooth, it’s important to keep a clean and healthy diet. You should follow along a few of the key nutrients in your diet to ensure your dyed hair is as healthy as possible. Moreover, foods that include iron-rich protein and vitamins help to nourish the scalp, improve texture and stimulate hair growth. To ensure your diet consists of enough iron and vitamins, try to consume lean meat, eggs, fishes, etc.

Healthy Diet

6. Use Color-Care Shampoos And Conditioners

One of the best products can take care of your hair is a shampoo and conditioner. Color-protecting shampoos and conditioners from a protective layer over the hair shaft can keep the color from bleeding. While most color-protecting shampoos work for warm-toned shades, go for a sulfate-tree shampoo if you opted for a cooler-toned shade. Sulfate-tree shampoos are a good choice because they don’t strip away the natural oils on from your hair. When we color our hair, it becomes more fragile. When fading occurs, this helps the color make an exit.

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Use Color Care Shampoos And Conditioners

7. Follow Instructions

It is essential that you find a good stylist who knows what they’re doing. If you’re dying your hair at home, make sure that always conduct a test first. Remember to follow the instructions carefully and ensure that you don’t leave the bleach or dye on your head on past the recommended time. It’s better for you to have someone help you out.

Follow Instructions (2)

Now you knew how to take care of colored hair, what are you waiting for? Following these simple tips can restore and maintain the health of your dyed hair. Use these tips as a guide when you go on your next hair changes. Follow our website to find and get some beautiful hairstyles which are made from Vietnamese women’s natural hair.


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