How To Remove Tape In Hair Extensions?

Spray The Product Over The Tape

When it comes to quick and easy hair extension methods, tape in hair is one of the priority choices. Tape in extensions are the best semi-permanent hair extensions because they are not only fast for installation but also easy to remove. Now, find out the simple way to release the tape in hair from your natural hair quickly. You can completely apply this method at home.

How To Remove Tape In Hair

When Do The Tape In Extensions Need Removing?

You should release your hair extension, depending on how fast your natural hair grows. It is advised to get rid of them every 8-12 weeks. In addition, your hair extensions tape in also need to be replaced sooner in case you have lots of product buildup or you don’t spend much care on your extensions. Whenever you realize that your hair extensions grow longer, about 2 inches, or some of the extensions are slipping out, it is high time for you to release the tape in hair as well as reinstall the new ones.

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How To Remove Tape In Hair Extensions?

To get rid of tape in hair extensions, the popular way many people apply is to use a kind of removers. What are tape in removers? They are oil-based products used to dissolve the glue at the top of the extensions that secures them to your hair. With these removers, you can easily release the extensions from your natural hair without damaging it. Beside a liquid spray form, some tape in hair extensions removers are designed to be dripped or poured. It is up to you! You can choose any type of removers that is suitable to you the most.

Step 1

Spray The Product Over The Tape

It is so easy to release the tape-ins with a spraying remover. Firstly, you spray the product over the tape until it is saturated. Then, wiggle the tape in hair extensions. You need to be careful with this step. Try to wiggle the part of the hair that is the closest to the tape lightly. Don’t tug it too strongly and too much because this can cause some damage to both your natural hair and the extensions.

Wiggle The Tape In Hair

Step 2

After that, slowly peel the tape extension. Remember to add more remover between the bonds whenever you feel that the extensions are stuck and wait for a few minutes. This way can help loosen the glue and make it easier for you to release the extension.

Pull The Hair Extensions Out

Step 3

Lastly, it is necessary for you to wash and condition your hair in order to get rid of all residue on your hair. It is unavoidable that there is still residue left when you have remove all your extensions. These remains, along with hair extensions remover, will definitely make your hair oily and sticky, giving you an uncomfortable feeling, right? That is the reason why you had better wash your hair out again as well as condition it. By this way, you can not only take the stickiness away but also moisturize your hair.

Wash And Condition Your Hair

You can remove the tape in hair extensions at home by yourself. In addition, it is also advised that you should come to a professional hair salon to get the help. This is the safer and more effective way, which can save much time.

On the market nowadays, there are two main types of tape-ins: human and synthetic tape in hair extensions. In generally, tape in human hair extensions are loved more by women, although they seem more expensive. The hair products made from human hair can last longer and give you a very natural look. So, where to buy high-quality human hair extensions tape in? I think you should consider Luxshinehair. This is one of the most famous hair extension brands in Vietnam. They offer all types of human hair extensions from bulk, weave, tape in hair, clip in hair, keratin hair extensions, etc. in different textures, lengths and colors. There are tons of choices for you.

Tape Body Wavy Dark Brown 01

I have shown you the way to remove tape in hair extensions with a remover. I hope that this post is useful to you. If you want to know more about other information about hair extensions, continue to follow website. Thanks a lot for your reading!

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