How to choose good 22 inch clip in hair extensions

22 Inch Clip In Hair

In these days, we don’t need to raise hair for years just only to have hair with favorite length size. Hair extensions, especially hair clip ins can help us to have the most beautiful hair look in the soonest time. Thanks to them, a lot of women, including me have had a perfect new appearance that helps us always feel self- confident in anywhere.

However, that these hair products are popular means there are a lot of low quality ones. Today, let us show you all necessary things to choose good 22 inch clip in hair extensions. Through this post, we make sure that you will have smart choices when buying all other kinds of hair extensions.

22 Inch Clip In Hair

1. Good hair source

Good hair

We often notice about hair appearance more than its quality. Thus, after buying hair products, problems of hair damage and hair breakage are very easy to happen. A good hair extension need to keep its beauty for a long time instead of keeping it just for the first time. To have hair with nice image like that, hair sources must be good and trustworthy.

In the hair market nowadays, products from big brands from India, Myanmar, Italy, United States, Brazil and Indonesia are very popular and strong. These are traditional hair brands so that they get much attention of customers. The quality and image that their hair brings to is obviously impressive.

Good Hair

Vietnam hair

However, we can also not deny that hair sources from other Asian countries are also very good. Especially, we would like to recommend hair extensions from Vietnam. Although this is a small country, hair sources here are really fascinating. Hair used for making hair extensions are virgin and remy hair so that its quality is really good. When selecting hair, the collector need to check out thoroughly that hair is 100% real human hair. It also means that any trace of synthetic hair, animal hair and non- remy hair are not accepted.

Many suppliers can’t do that because they want to get more profits for themselves as soon as possible. They mix low quality hair with real hair and sell for customers. That is so disgusting! We have a very good suggestion for you. It is using 22 inch clip in hair extensions of Luxshinehair. Hair sources of Luxshinehair are good Vietnam natural hair which are black, smooth and strong without white hair, frizzy hair or hair bugs inside. Thus, the company’s final hair products are also much better than others.

Vietnam Women Hair

2. Gorgeous features

Ideal length size

You must have been curious because we recommend 22 inch hair clip ins but not any other hair type, right? Simply, 22 inch hair length can be considered one of the most impressive length sizes of hair that women all over the world love. This ideal length can give the hair image which can reach over your breast. Hair is not too short and too long so that you can easily create diverse hairstyles according to your hobby.

22 Inch Clip Ins Luxshinehair

Regular weft line

To have completed clip in hair extensions, hair sources are sorted out, spread out and put in modern machine to contact hair strands with firm and regular weft lines at hair roots. Thanks to that, hair is always straight, smooth with less hair tangles and shedding.

Specialized hair clips

Obviously, hair clips are very important. These are not normal clips but special ones which are only used to attach on hair extensions such as clip hair or wig hair. They are strong and firm so that we can apply them for many times. They will be sewn in the most suitable positions on weft lines so that the user can put in and take them off conveniently.

Clip In Hair Extensions Luxshinehair

To get the best hair clip ins with 22 inches or any hair length size you want, let’s choose a prestigious hair brand. Luxshinehair is really a wonderful choice. The quality as well as the image of hair extensions are extremely good and durable. They are also attached firmly to give the best result on real hair of someone.

3. Creative textures


Vietnam hair is essentially straight and black. However we can completely choose other hair textures to have favorite hairstyles with the medium length size of 22 inches. Commonly, if you want to have hair with the best length size and the simplest style, straight hair clip in extensions will be the most wonderful choices. Textures with straight hair are completely not as simple as things you can image. It includes natural straight, yaki straight and kinky straight hair. There are only some differences between them but they are all perfect for women who love mature but eye- catching styles.

Clip In Hair Extensions Of Luxshinehair


If you are a girl who love sweet styles or a woman who like something charming and mysterious, textures with hair waves will actually attract your attention. Commonly, hair brands supply popular styles such as deep wave and loose wave. However if you need to have more impressive styles, Luxshinehair can help you. This company is a famous business in Vietnam with more than 10 years of experience in the field of importing- exporting hair extensions. Thus, any texture of wavy hair can’t make difficulty to them. Apart from selling hair with traditional types of hair wave, creative styles of wavy hair such as bouncy wavy, natural wavy water wavy are also loved by millions of customers all over the world.

Body Wave Hair Clip Ins


There will be a big mistake if we don’t mention 22 inch extensions with curly textures. A lot of people think that curly hairstyles are typical for black women so that they are not suitable for hair of women in other regions. That is really a wrong perception. Curly hair textures are always on trend and they also the top choices of fashionista who love displaying their personality and energy the most. You can visit Luxshinehair to find more about these gorgeous curly hair textures with the most beautiful and voluminous images.


Curly Clip In Hair

4. Hair protection

When buying 22 inch hair clip ins, apart from choosing hair with good quality and image, the criteria of hair protection is also noticed much. There are many hair extensions which look nice but they smell very bad and hair is easily broken because of external effects. Clearly, they are hair products with bad quality because they are artificial hair which are processed with toxic chemical. Their initial feature are nice but hair will actually get damage just after a time using.

We have a sincere advice for you when choosing hair extensions. It is buying real human hair with high quality. Maybe, their prices are a bit more expensive but they will not make you disappointed. Not only is hair bright and beautiful, it is also safe for real hair and scalp when being used as well.

Hair Protection

Especially, when using clip in hair extensions with 22 inches of Luxshinehair, you will never have to worry about the safeness of them. They are easy and safe for using, even when you apply them on children’s hair. Without any demand of sewing hair, using heat or braid hair before using these products, all things you need to do is keeping hair smooth in the right direction and the put 22 inch hair clips in.

Of course, you also need to avoid negative direct sunlight, strong wind and hot temperature and unnecessary hair dye. They can make real hair become weaker and worse. Let’s protect these 22 inch clip ins like the way you protect your own hair, they will beautify your appearance more and more.

5. Long lifespan

Good hair has its ideal lifespan. Commonly, hair extensions can be in good condition for about 2 to 3 years. Obviously, you can completely keep them longer thanks to the good hair care and hair protection. Hair clips are plastic so that they can be broken anytime. Thus, let’s notice to use them with the least damage.

Because hair clip ins can easily get dirt and hair bugs, you need to clean them after using and hang them on to let them dry naturally. If you don’t continue using, let’s put them away in dry places to keep them always new and beautiful as the time you have bought them.

Nice Hair Extensions

6. How about other types of 22 inch hair extensions?

22 inch hair clip ins attract the attention of customers because of their convenience and beauty for medium hair. However, they can be the most suitable when being applied in some hours with mild activities. In case you want to keep hair extensions longer on your hair to have the most impressive hair images even when you play hard, using some other choices of hair types is the best way.

Curly Ponytail Hair Extensions

Almost hair extensions brands can supply for you with many different types of hair extensions such as bulk hair, weave hair, tape hair, keratin hair, wig hair, lace hair, etc. Each type has its advantages that are suitable with different demands and they can be wonderful alternative ones.

Luxshinehair Lace Frontal

These are some shares of us about how to choose good 22 inch clip in hair extensions. We hope that you can choose the most gorgeous hair extensions thanks to these suggestions. You can buy them at Luxshinehair store– a prestigious company of importing- exporting hair extensions to customers all over the world.



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