How To Choose Brown Hair Extensions?

Dark Brown Hair Color Extensions

Valentine Day is coming. What have you prepared for this special day? Change your hair color? It is a great idea! When it comes to the festival of romantic love, people immediately think about sweet chocolate bars. What do you think if your hair has the same color of these candies – brown color? One of the fastest and safest ways to get brown hair is using brown hair extensions. Now, I will show you how to choose proper brown hair extensions to get a new look for your valentine day.

How To Choose Brown Hair Extensions

Brown hair color shades are so rich and delicious. They make us think about sweet and savory dishes like caramel, chocolate, honey, etc. It presents the romantic love. Whether you are planning to deepen your hair, create a new dimension or lighten hair, brown hair shades still help you to brighten among the crowd. There are so many color shades you can choose, so just pick up a favorite brown hair color extensions to renew your hair.

Brown Hair Extensions

1. Dark Chocolate Hair

You must be attracted by this brown shade. Just imagine how cute and sweet dark chocolate would look as a hair color. The dark chocolate hair extensions are suitable to those with warm undertones or olive skin. This is the amazing choice for your hair in the upcoming valentine day.

Dark Chocolate Hair Extensions

2. Dark Brown Hair Color

It can be said that dark brown is the darkest shade of brown. This hair color is a combination of cool and warm undertones. The dark brown hair extensions can make a dramatic statement, giving you a gorgeous look. In short, this classic brown hair shade of hair extensions is perfect for almost makeup styles.

Dark Brown Hair Color Extensions

3. Light Brown Hair Color

If you want something brighter, light brown hair extensions are an ideal choice. It is one of the most worth-trying hair color shades of brown. Needless to say, the light brown is able to improve your look by brightening your complexion. Therefore, if you have dark skin tones, opt for this brown hair color. And then enjoy the miracle!

Light Brown Hair Color

4. Medium Brown Hair Color

This is another shade of brown hair extensions you can try. Known as a simple and rich color, it can go well with almost people. If you don’t believe it, see this picture and feel how amazing it is!

Medium Brown Hair Color

5. Golden Brown Hair Color

The golden brown hair extensions allow you to have a brunette with added warmth, which brighten you up as a star. This hair color are perfect for the girls with warm skin tone, especially mixed with warm eyes makeup. Now, you can walk down street confidently and meet your partner in a special day like the valentine festival.

Golden Brown Hair Color

6. Reddish Brown Hair Color

What do you think about add reddish tones for brown hair? Reddish brown hair extensions can give an autumnal feel. These hair extensions are a new choice for those who want the difference.

Reddish Brown Hair Color

Above are some popular brown hair extensions that are loved by almost women. They have tried and felt satisfied with a new appearance. What about you?

Where To Buy Good Brown Hair Extensions?

Brown hair extensions of Luxshinehair are one of the most well-known products in Vietnam. Their products are trusted and used by many customers all over the world. They use the highest quality hair collected from one head to keep the cuticles in the same direction. They offer many hair extensions like weave, bulk, clip-in hair, keratin hair extensions, etc. in different brown shades like dark or light brown. You will find the hair very soft, smooth and shiny with no tangles or knots.

Brown Hair Extensions Of Luxshinehair

In addition, they also provide many human hair extensions in different colors like black, blonde, or grey. These hair products are worth trying because all of them are so beautiful and can change your look in a blink of an eye.

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Brown hair has never lost its position in the heart of females. That is the reason why many women choose brown hair extensions are a quick method to get beautiful hairstyles. You can pick one of the mentioned-above brown hair shade and apply it on your natural hair. Now, are you ready for your valentine night?


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