How often can you color your hair?

Colored Hair
Colored Hair

One of the simplest ways to color your life is by having your hair dyed. It is so popular that you could see dyed hair everywhere on the street with whatever color existing in life. However, no one could deny that hair dye could do harm to your overall health. So, how often can you color your hair to protect your hair in particular and your body’s health in general? We are going to help you learn to dye your hair in a healthy way.

Colored Hair
Colored Hair

How often can you color your hair?

Each of you needs to know your own frequency to have your hair dyed. Please answer three following questions.

1. What is your starting color?

Yes, your current hair color is a key factor. The fact is that if you want to dye your black hair to turn it into light blonde, you will want to lengthen the space between the coloring sessions as bleaching is a must, and you can likely go a little longer in between since the roots won’t be as noticeable. In case your starting hair color is dark blonde, you do not likely bleach your hair and the new color will be noticeable immediately, then the space could be shortened.

What if you have virgin hair rather than hair dyed already? You could dye your hair more frequently since your hair locks have no prior damages.

2. Damage level of your hair?

Secondly, how damaged is your current hair? If your hair has minimal damage, you can keep coloring it more frequently. Otherwise, you had better stop the dyeing and cure your hair with proper care before planning the next coloring session.

3. What type of hair dye are you using?

If you are using a hair bleach, you will want to wait at least 14 days between sessions. It is said that too much bleaching can cause wear, tear, and damage to your locks. Therefore, you need to keep it to a minimum to ensure your hair health and also your overall body conditions.

Blue Hair
Blue Hair

In case you are using permanent hair dye, wait until your hair roots grow out. If you hate the color contradiction, a root touch – up or a shadow root should be great solutions.

So, how often can you color your hair? You will need a specific number as a suggested frequency. Standard time in between coloring appointments is 4 to 6 weeks. You could adjust your own frequency according to your answers to the 3 above questions. If you do not mind the hair root growing out after a few weeks, you should lengthen the waiting period for the sake of your health.

Suggestions for coloring your hair without hair dye

If you find that hair dye could do you more harm than good, you should think about other solutions to change the boring hair color.

Temporary coloring to dye your hair

Food coloring

Using food coloring is an affordable and healthy temporary hair. However, it should be applied on light hair only as it is weaker than hair dye, of course. It is also easy and safe for you to color your hair at home following simple guidance shown on the products.

Tips: Before you use food coloring on your hair, try a test by cutting off a lock of your typical hair, I mean, not your fine baby hair. Apply the dye on the hair lock before rinsing it out to see the test result.

You could expect the color to last for a few weeks, depending on how frequently you wash your hair. In case you want to remove the color, no chemicals are needed; it will fade when you wash your strands as normal.

Natural ingredients to dye your hair

Coffee and tea will help your hair tresses go darker, and can also help cover gray hair. Some girls usually mix coffee or tea with their normal conditioner for a healthy color change.

Hibicus To Dye Hair
Hibiscus To Dye Hair

Various types of herbs could also enhance different colors of hair. For example, hibiscus, marigold, and rosehips are used to deepen the red shade; Rosemary, nettle, and sage are natural dyes for dark hair; while marigold, saffron, and sunflower petals are great for blonde hair.

Hair extensions with colored hair bundles

If you not only want to change your hair color without using chemical dye but also want to volumize and lengthen your strength, then having hair extensions with colored hair bundles should be the “one stone which kills more than 2 birds”. You may want to combine the bundles with a 4×4” lace closure, a 13×4” frontal, or a 360 frontal in case your current hair color could not harmonize with the colored hair bundles.

Colored Hair Bundles
Colored Hair Bundles

As long as your hairpieces are made of good human hair materials and you apply proper care to maintain their beauty, your hair extensions could last for one year or even more.

We hope that the article gives you useful suggestions on how often can you color your hair for the best coloring outcome and to ensure your overall health. There are also other options to color your hair without using chemical dye, giving you more choices to color your life.

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