How many bundles for full sew in with closure?

How many bundles for full sew in with closure?
How many bundles for full sew in with closure?

Sew in method is one of the most favorite hair extensions applications with bundles and closure. It lasts long and causes no damage to your natural tress and scalp if you have it installed correctly. Many newcomers usually wonder how many bundles they need for a full application with closure. It’s not that hard, girls. We will give you the best advises below. Check it out.

01 Sew In Hair

Things you need to know

What are bundles?

Bundles are the common way to call weave hair extensions. Also, it is the unit for this hair extensions type.

Normally, 1 bundle weighs 100g (equivalent to 3.5 oz) in standard, and has 1.4 meters to 2.1 meters in weft width depending on the hair length. However, many hairstylists want it heavier such as 150g/bundle, 200g/bundle, etc or have special request on the track sizes. Thanks to that, they can have thicker bundle or easier application.

bundles of weave hair extensions

What is closure?

Lace closure is a hairpiece that is made from lace or silk. There are different lace types such as transparent lace, HD lace and Swiss lace. Each of them has distinguished features with pros and cons. Generally, transparent lace closure is the most purchased product for many reasons.

Lace closure covers a part of your head from the hairline to the top. In hair market, you can find many types with different perimeters such as 4×4, 5×5, 2×6, etc. Depending on your demands and financial condition, you can choose the best one for you.

Lace Closure

Length and textures

Hair length varies basing on the vendors. Generally, you can find 6 inches to 32 inches hair extensions in hair market. The longer ones are not popular.

Bundles and lace closure are available in a lot of patterns from straight to wavy to curly. There is nothing to concern about measuring the straight hair. However, for wavy and curly hair, you need to stretch it as straight as possible as the picture below. Also, we show you how to know the length of closure correctly.

How Many Bundles For Full Sew In With Closure

Hair standards

Vietnam hair suppliers divide hair extensions into 4 standards that are:

  • Single drawn (A)
  • Double drawn type 1 (A+)
  • Double drawn type 2 (A++)
  • Super double drawn (A+++)

About quality, they all are Vietnam Remy hair with long-lasting feature (lifespan is 1-2 years). All of these bundles have the same weight (100g or 3.5 oz) with the same length. It is obvious that the more plus it is, the thicker the hair is. Comparatively, A+++ has the highest price while A is the cheapest.

Hair Standards

How many bundles for full sew in with closure?

To determine the number of needed bundles, we will count on the standard weight (100g) only. It depends on hair length and your favorite thickness, you will need different number of weave hair extensions.

  • For hair from 6 inches to 16 inches, you will need 2 bundles only.
  • For hair from 18 inches to 24 inches, you will need 3 bundles.
  • For hair from 26 inches to 32 inches, you should take 4 bundles.

These details are collected from our clients’ experiences and ideas, it is not an individual opinion. On the one hand, your head size affects the needed bundles as well. Thus, you should try to use the recommended bundles as above at first time and change it in the following application to have a full sew in with closure.

Q&A about full sew in with closure

We know that you may have many questions about this topic. But, we cannot solve them all in this post. Thus, we will choose some most common ones to give you answer. If you have any other wonders, please comment below this post, we will respond you as quick as possible. Or else, we will collect them in another post.


Q: How to sew in bundles with closure?

You can read these articles for more information.

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Q: Where should I buy Bundles and closure?

There are a lot of hair suppliers in the world such as Brazilian vendors, Chinese vendors, Indian vendors, etc. However, we highly recommend you to buy from Vietnamese vendor because they have high quality hair extensions with the most reasonable price ever.

Q: HD lace and transparent lace, which one is better?

It’s hard to say which one is better because each of them has different advantages and disadvantages. Also, it depends on your favorite. HD lace is so invisible that no one can detect your closure. However, it is thin and easy to be tear. Meanwhile, transparent lace is thicker but still soft. Even though it’s more visible, it has 4 different tones to match your skin. Thus, people find it hard to realize your hair extensions as well.

Q: Can I bleach transparent lace?

Sure, why not? If you are afraid of the skin color matching, you can buy the light lace and dye it by yourself. There are some products to dye or bleach your transparent lace without harming the lace as well as the hair extensions. You can search on the Internet.

Now, do you know how many bundles for full sew in with closure? I guess it is still vague for you. Let’s try your first time, and it absolutely gets better in the next application. If you want to know more about hair beauty, don’t forget to follow us. We will give you many guidelines and hair tricks to have healthy hair.


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