How do you feel of 18 inch clip in hair extensions of Luxshinehair

18 Inch Clip In Hair Extensions

Owning thin and weak hair is really a nightmare as for womankind. Bad hair makes girls always feel inferior when appearing in front of other people. Fortunately, there is a wonderful way that helps many people to have a perfect new hair appearance in short time. It is using medium length clip in hair extensions. Today, I would like to introduce you Luxshinehair‘s 18 inch hair clip ins. They are really amazing!

1. What are 18 inch clip in hair extensions?

Clip in hair is a popular type of hair extensions. As the name, they are hair extensions with 18 inches. This length size is long about 45 centimeters with the ideal medium length size of hair.

Different from other types of hair extensions which can take you a lot of time to apply, this hair type is designed for the convenience when using with specialized hair clips. They help to fix hair extensions on real hair so that the owner will have a new hair appearance which is thicker, nicer and more outstanding.

18 Inch Clip In Hair Extensions

2. Impressive features of 18 inch clip ins of Luxshinehair

Origin & Quality

Hair extensions of Luxshinehair including 18 inch clip ins are all wonderful hair extensions with trustworthy origin and quality. They are thoroughly selected from 100% real human hair sources in Vietnam. Talking about the derivation of hair, you never need to worry because Vietnam hair is considered one of the best hair sources in the world. Hair is essentially black, straight, thick and strong. Hair strands are not too big or slim so that they look extremely natural and easily fit real hair of the user.

These clip ins are made by both traditional method and modern method. After being cleaned, hair is determined with the exact length size of 18 inches and then put in the specialized machine to link hairs in fixed weft lines at hair roots. Next, skillful blue collars of Luxshinehair will make styles, colors and attach hair clips on hair.

Clip In Straight Black

The perfect collaboration among steps are closed and professional so that the final hair products are always beautiful and high quality without traces of synthetic hair, white hair, weak hair and non- remy hair. Obviously, hair bugs and hair shedding also do not exist.


Straight hair

18 inch hair is pretty long so that you can create many different styles with it. If you need to have hairstyles which are long and smooth, the best choices are straight hair textures. 18 inch straight clip in hair extensions always give the most natural and gentlest images for hair. They also help owners to display their matureness and charm the best. Apart from natural straight styles, Luxshinehair also supply kinky straight hair and yaki straight hair which look absolutely impressive with unique tiny hair waves on medium straight hair.

Black Straight Hair

Wavy hair

Textures with wavy hair are very diverse and popular. Commonly, girls who love soft and lovely appearances like wearing these hair clip ins with natural hair waves or loose hair waves because they are both beautiful and elegant. When wearing them on, your face can look much younger and your style can be like a sweet Princess stepping out from a romantic fairy tale. Everything goes well together.

18 Inch Hair

Of course, for rebellious and active women, hair textures with deep hair waves, body hair waves or bouncy hair waves can be more attractive. They are unique and creative which are extremely suitable for you to apply at special events.

Curly hair

You must have been curious about curly hair textures of this brand, right? Similarly to wavy textures, the variation of hair curls helps your appearance to have a lot of impressive changes. Curly hairstyles with small locks often very active and energetic while big hair curls give images which are softer but extremely enchanting and mysterious. Not only are these styles typical with African American women, they are popular with women all over the world because of graceful and powerful effects that they bring to.

You can completely make it become more outstanding with wonderful colors that Luxshinehair supplies. From natural shades of black and brown to bright shades of blonde and red, these 18 inch clip ins can actually take you by surprise. They are dazzling and full of charm.

Curly Hair


Add length and volume for hair

With these gorgeous hair extensions, you will never have to worry about your thin and weak hair or raise hair for a long time to have your favorite hair length. Just by wearing these 18 inches on, you will immediately have a perfect medium length hairstyle. Your hair can reach your breast and give a proper length for a nice look.

Applying any hair extensions can make your hair look become thicker and more attractive. However, when using clip ins with 18 inches, you not only have thicker hair but also have a more beautiful appearance. Straight textures of hair extensions can make volume for hair softly while wavy and curly textures are extremely voluminous and stunning that help hair become both thick and nice.

18 Inch Clip Ins

Apply easily and promptly

Clip in hair extensions are hair products which are easiest to use. Taking advantage of specialized hair clips, you only need to put these 18 inches hair clip ins on your favorite position on hair and then clamp them as normal. These clips can be taken off simply and easily so that you don’t need to spend too much time applying like the way you do with other hair types such as hair weave or hair tips, etc.

Protect hair from getting damage

When using 18 inch clip in hair extensions, you don’t need to use heat, needle and thread or any other materials to impulse them work well. Thus, your hair will get less direct damage. It also means that your hair will be protected better. Your hair will also be more beautiful and stronger.

Protect Hair

3. How to take care 18 inch clip ins?

Although Luxshinehair’s 18 inches are good hair products, they can completely out of order if you don’t take care of them in the right way. Let’s refer to some suggestions below:

Wash hair extensions properly

After buying these hair extensions of Luxshinehair, you can completely wear them immediately. However, if you don’t feel familiar and comfortable, you can wash them before using to have hair with your favorite fragrance and style.

Step 1: Brushing hair

Let’s make sure that hair extensions need to be smooth before being washed. If hair tangles are not removed, they will make messy knots when bumping into water. Obviously, those hair extensions will easily be broken. Commonly, 18 inch hair clip ins of Luxshinehair are essentially smooth and firm so that problems of tangled hair are also less than those of low quality hair extensions in the hair market nowadays.

how to choose the right hair brush 928

Step 2: Wet the extensions

After brushing hair extensions properly, let’s sink them into warm water to wet as well as ease hair. You need to notice not to soak hair with water which is too hot or too cold. It can make hair get unexpected damage. You also need to take notice to wash hair clips softly and avoid making hair tangles with them.

Step 3: Using specialized shampoo and conditioner

This is the most important step in washing hair. If you use unsuitable hair shampoo and conditioner, hair can be irritated and its lifespan will be shorter. You can visit Luxshinehair blog to find for good and soft hair care products for hair as well as for hair extensions.

Keep Your Hair Extensions Clean

Step 4: Rinse clearly with water

Water is the best liquid to clean everything. After you shampoo hair extensions, let’s rewash them with clean water to make sure that hair can be as beautiful as its origin.

Step 5: Hang them on and let them dry naturally

Many people use hair driers to dry hair quicker but they are really not a good method. Hair can become drier and easier to get damage. Thus, the ideal way to have nice hair after washing is hanging them on and letting them dry naturally. Hair will be beautiful and shiny.

Dry Hair Clip ín Naturally

4. Some other references

These clip in hair extensions are convenient and safe but they are not ideal when you want to keep them long on your hair. Therefore, we would like to recommend you some other references of hair extensions to have the better result.

Types Of Keratin Hair

For example, types of keratin hair extensions such as I tip hair, V tip hair, U tip hair or Flat tip hair are all impressive types. They attach on hair very well and give perfect results for some months. Besides, hair wig, hair closure, hair frontal or hair tape are also wonderful for individuals who want to have thicker and nicer hair.

Wig Body Wave Hair Dark Brown Color

If you are a hair wholesaler, you shouldn’t ignore bulk hair or weave hair extensions. They are traditional but never out of trend. Especially, their lifespan is really very impressive. With good hair care methods, you can keep them very long on your real hair.

We hope that these information of 18 inch clip in hair extensions will be useful to your choice. Thanks to them, you will actually become more beautiful, charming and gorgeous than ever. Pleasevisit our Luxshinehair store and website to discover in details.

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