How Do V Tip Hair Extensions Change Your Look?

V Tip Hair Extensions

A beautiful appearance is what every woman desires to have. Is it right? Changing your hairstyle by using V-tip hair extensions will definitely give you a new look. It can’t be denied that these hair extensions have become more and more popular recently because they look extremely natural on us.

V Tip Hair Extensions

V-tip hair has the magical power to make you look glamorous and shining. It can beatify your hair and change your appearance effectively and quickly. With beautiful and good V-tip human hair extensions of Luxshinehair, you can definitely win the love of other people. How wonderful it is! Discover how to get a perfect look with these hair products.

What are V tip hair extensions?

What Are V Tip Hair Extensions

The V-tip hair is tipped with the high-quality keratin which is gentle and safe on your natural hair and is also a quick method to install hair extensions. These hair extensions are undetectable after applied, giving you a very natural look. This product refers to a bundle of hair consisting of many small hair pieces with the tips bonded with the keratin in V tip. That is the reason why it is called V tip hair extension.


At Luxshinehair, they use only high-quality natural Remy hair of Vietnamese women and Italian keratin that is totally safe for your health to make excellent V tip human hair extensions. Their products are diverse in textures, colors, and lengths, giving you a lot of choices.

How to apply V tip hair?

V Tip Hair Before And After

It is the fact that using keratin as a method of hair extension application has been popular for many years. V tip hair extension is applied to the natural hair by heating up the keratin at the end of the extension and then attach it to your hair.

How To Apply V Tip Hair

V tip hair comes in individual strands. So, you will use a fusion iron specialized for hair extensions to heat the bond and attach the extension on your natural hair. These hair extensions can last up to 4 – 6 months. Then, to remove it, apply a special removal solution which helps break the hard bond down.

How Do You Look With V Tip Hair Extensions

These hair extensions can add more length, thickness and volume to your natural hair. You will be surprised at what they can bring you. But, it is necessary for you to treat them properly if you want them to last for a long time and to look so great.

What should and shouldn’t you do with V tip hair?

Do And Don't With V Tip Hair


There are some things you need to do if you want your V tip hair to look beautiful for a longer time. Firstly, be careful when you go swimming because salty or chlorinated water can harm your hair extensions. So, if possible, you should wear a swimming cap to protect your extensions as well as natural hair. Secondly, when you feel your hair extensions dry, it is time for you to apply leave-in conditioners and hydrating oils on your hair extensions. But, just apply oils from the mid-shaft down to avoid the bond. Lastly, always be gentle with your extensions, especially when you brush it.


When you are wearing V tip hair extensions, the advice is that you shouldn’t wash your hair too much because it can deteriorate the bonds and make the extensions slip out. Beside, one of the most important things you need to remember is reduce using heat styling tools. Do you know that too much heat can damage your hair seriously? But, you can use a heat protectant to limit the influence of heat to your extensions before styling. What’s more, you have to make sure that your hair extension is totally dry when you go sleeping. You can braid it or tie it in a loose ponytail to avoid tangling in the next mornings.

I have shown you useful information that you need to know about V tip hair extensions. Now, you can have an overview about this amazing extension from what it is, how to apply it and what you should and should not do with this type of hair extension.

V Tip Hair Extensions Of Luxshinehair

If you are looking for high-quality keratin hair extensions, especially V tip hair, don’t miss wonderful products of Luxshinehair. Their extensions are evaluated to be great and always satisfy customers’ demands. Wish you get your favorite one! Thanks a lot for your reading!

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