Hot Rollers For Short Hair

Hot Rollers For Short Hair

You have short hair and don’t know how to style it to get perfect curls, don’t you? If you are in this situation, it is time for you to use hot rollers for styling hair. You may know that short hair is easy for maintaining, keeping clean, and nourish but it is need more technique to curl it with heated hair rollers. Anyway, we can deny that hot rollers for short hair is really an amazing method that many women believe to apply.

Hot Rollers For Short Hair

What Is Short Hair?

When is the hair called as short hair? In general, some people think that there is no exact measurement for the length of hair. But, we can go to an abstract definition of short hair that is accepted, more or less, among people.

The hair can be considered as short hair when its length is over the ear or below the chin. If you want to use hot rollers to curl your short hair, it is preferred that the hair length should be below the chin, or above the shoulder. But, the pixie or crop cuts are not perfect for curling by hot rollers meanwhile bob is recommended.

Why Is The Hair Length Important While Hot Roller Curling?

It is the fact the type of heated hair rollers and their sizes you choose depend on the length of your hair. In other words, you need to choose rollers with different the barrel diameter and the barrel length for different hair lengths.

If you have longer hair, jumbo or large hair rollers are perfect for you. But, if your hair is shorter, it is better to use smaller or mini rollers. Smaller rollers refer to those with narrower barrel diameter but longer barrel length, compared with the diameter. Wide rollers used for short hair will not give your desired result. In contrast, narrower barrels can make your short hair have more frequency than wider barrels. So, it is advised for you to use small rollers if you want to curl your short hair to get the best result.

How To Use Hot Rollers?

How To Use Hot Rollers

Prepping Your Hair

Short hair is more susceptible to breakage so that you need to do something to give it a protection from the heat. Firstly, remove all the tangles out of your hair, then use a high-quality heat protectant on the hair. In case, you want to remain curls for a longer time, a moisturizing mousse can help.

Parting Your Hair into Sections

You will start to curl the hair with hot rollers from the forehead first, so make a Mohawk of 2 inches in width from the forehead to the back of your neck. After that, partition the hair on the sides into small sections. If you want to get tighter curls, let divide your hair into smaller sections.

Putting the Rollers on

Start to put the rollers from the top to the bottom. This will make your curling done faster with less tangles. At first, roll each section into scalp to get pretty curls then secure them in place with clips.

Put The Rollers On

Waiting until You They Cool Down

This step is the key to get perfect curls. The curls will last longer if you wait until they become cool completely. Do something else during waiting time to kill time!

Wait Until You They Cool Down

Removing the Rollers

Start removing the rollers from the bottom. Take off the clips gently and let them drop out of the curl. Be patient! Don’t hurry or tug your hair because these can cause unwanted damage to the hair and curls. Besides, no brushing! Brush the hair can shorten the longevity of curls.

Remove The Rollers (2)

To style the hair, run down your fingers through the curls, which can smoothen your hair out. A good hairspray can keep them in place.

It is so easy and fast to curl your short hair with hot rollers, one of the best options to reduce the damage caused by the heat. This method promises to give you pretty curls, even getting classic retro look. So, if you want to get such perfect curls with less damage, why you don’t try using hot rollers instead of curling irons. I hope that this post is interesting and helpful to you. Wish you get your dreaming hairstyle.


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