Heatless Curls Hack Tutorials: Safe yet Pretty

Heatless Curls
Heatless Curls

Girls who love to frequently change their hairstyles and are aware of high heat’s harm would be likely familiar with heatless curls. That the curls are just temporary does not mean they are not attractive and charming. Without chemicals and hot tools, your hair will look not only cute but also healthy and natural. If you want to find out heatless curls hacks that give your strands nice curls and maintain them for pretty long time, just keep learning with us.

Grab an old T-shirt for a donut bun

T Shirt For Curls
T-Shirt For Curls

This is a funny trick to effortlessly create heatless curls.

Firstly, twist an old T-shirt into a roller shape then tie the ends together to create a large halo. After that, you will put the halo on top of your head, wrap locks of hair around it, and fix the hair in place. Leave your “donut bun” overnight since this high bun is comfortable to sleep with. The curly shape in the morning depends on your hair texture itself and also the size of the halo as well as how tight you make the bun.

Bantu knots are fun

Bantu Knots
Bantu Knots

This tip could be used for various types of wet or dry hair types, including 4B and 4C textures. For wet hair, after shampooing and conditioning as normal, you will apply a leave-in conditioner or hydrating hair oil and detangle your strand with a wooden wide-tooth comb.

Working with one four-inch section of hair at a time, then smooth a styling gel through the section before twisting and coiling it around itself to make a Bantu knot. Fix with a bobby pin and let dry for at least 24 hours. After releasing the knots, apply a serum to add shine and hydration.

Cute French braids

French Braids
French Braids

French braids are easy and fast to make. If your hair is damp or dry, you had better apply a leave-in conditioner in advance. Divide your hair into 2 halves and create one or two French braids on each side, tying them off by soft crunchies. The number of braids and how tight they are will decide how curly your hair locks as the output. To minimize frizz, gently apply some hair oil over the fuzzy section or relax the undefined texture with a spritz of sea-salt spray.

People also have French braids without intending to make curls since those French braids are so beautiful that you could go out with them to do any activities. Otherwise, you could keep them on your head while doing chores or sleeping overnight.

Pin curls for temporary curls

Pin Curls
Pin Curls

It is not mandatory but in general, the more pin curls you create, the more defined your curls will be. Start coating your wet or damp hair with a leave-in conditioner and/or setting lotion. Next, part your hair into two, four, or eight sections, before wrapping half-inch sections of hair around your finger. Pin them in place with two bobby pins in a crisscross shape, repeating the entire process until it is done.

You can let this sit for 24 hours. Try to avoid touching those small curls as much as possible, and smooth them with a light misting of oil spray.

Clean and warm socks for heatless curls 

Socks For Curls
Socks For Curls

Just kidding. Clean and soft are enough.

Not only simple, but this hack is also ideal for those with longer tresses who are hoping to maintain their blow-out. You should start with dry or little moist strands. Wrap a section of your hair around a clean cotton sock from ends to roots, then secure your hair gently. A silk bonnet is recommended for a tight sleep without breaking your rolled strands.

Twists are no joke

Three Strand Twist
Three-Strand Twists

Firstly, just mist your hair with cold water, then apply a dollop of hair butter (for thicker, coarser hair) or pomade (for finer hair). You then seal all the moisture by a leave-in conditioner before brushing through with a paddle brush.

To make the twists, wind three sections of damp hair around each other, almost looking like a braid, then softly twirling your ends around your fingertips to “seal” them. The heatless curls after one night should be unexpectedly amazing.

Heatless curls are so easy and cute to have in your life. If you find it useful, just keep following us since we work every day to bring you good and interesting knowledge.


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