Halo hair extensions: Description, pros and cons, and how to use

Halo Hair Extensions
Halo Hair Extensions

You may be familiar to different types of hair extensions. However, I am pretty sure that “Halo hair extensions” is a new phrase to you. It is one of the latest products, also known as “Flip in hair extensions”, in beauty world and has become popular quickly. Why? Scroll down and we will show you everything about this hair extensions.

Halo Hair Extensions 01

Brief description

At first, many people mistake clip-ins extensions and halo hair extensions because they have some commons in their look. Both of them are made from weave hair extensions which are sewn in a strip of cloth. The traditional version of the latter doesn’t include snap-in clips as the former. However, to make it secure better, people will add 2-3 clips. There are a nylon wire linking to 2 elastic bands. These bands play an important role in adjusting the product’s size to have a perfect match with clients’ head. At the same time, it causes no pain at all thanks to the flexibility.

Pros and cons of Halo hair extensions

Halo Hair Extensions

The advantages

  • Fast application and removal. It is obviously that this hair type takes about 5 minutes to apply for most. We will show you how to install Halo hair extensions in below, please keep reading on.
  • No permanent attachment. Other hair extensions need to use glue, thread, hot heat, etc to secure, thus, it takes long time to apply as well as remove. Also, these hair extensions usually last in your head about 4-8 weeks which may cause itchy scalp, dandruff, and other hair issues. Whilst, Flip in hair extensions can be taken out easily with a flip!
  • Add instant length, subtle volume with seamless look. The nylon wire is clear so that it blends perfectly.
  • No pain, no bad effects. The elastics bands are tight enough to hold the extensions all day long but it won’t cause any pain at all thanks to the flexibility of the elastic bands.

The disadvantages

  • Limit in some activities. Because it is not a permanent application, you cannot join some sporty activities or swimming.
  • Limit in hairdo. You cannot try much hairstyles with this hair extensions because of the wire.

How to apply?

How To Apply Halo Hair Extensions

Step 1: Section your hair. You choose the best place to settle down your hair extensions, divide it into 2 parts in crown shape. Then, use an elastic band to fix the upper part into a bun.

Step 2: Apply your Flip in hair extensions. Position your hair extensions over the bun. You should adjust it to make sure you feel comfortable completely. If yours is a new version, you should secure the clips before flip the wire over the bun.

Step 3: Finish it. Let your bun down, comb them thoroughly. You can make some curls or waves for good dimension as well as better cover the extensions. Now, we’ve done!

If you are a newcomer to hair world, you absolutely should use Halo hair extensions because of its fast application and ease in use. No need to waste your time in hair salon anymore, you can do it by yourself at home. We hope the information above is helpful for you, and don’t forget to follow our blog to get more details in guideline, hair trend and hair tips. If you want to have an amazing hair extensions with high quality and reasonable price, check it out at Luxshinehair company.


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