What Should You Know About Hair Length Chart?

Hair Length Chart

It is the fact that different hair lengths give you different looks. In other words, the way that helps you get a perfect hairstyle is choosing not only right texture and style but also suitable length. Generally, when it comes to hair length, people often think about some normal terms like short, medium or long hair. But, it is necessary to learn more about hair length chart so that you can have a clear understanding of this field. This will support you a lot in choosing right hair extension length. It means that the hair length chart can be used to help you determine how long you want your hair extensions to be.

Hair Length Chart

How Does Your Hair Type Affect Hair Length?

Undoubtedly, hair style has a great influence on hair length. Straight hair is considered as the actual length while wavy and curly hair is not. It is easy to realize that, with the same length, the straight hair is always longer, in comparison with wavy or curly hair. For instance, according to straight hair length chart, your straight hair in 12 inches can reach your shoulders, but 12 inch curly hair seems shorter than its real length. So, it is not hard to understand why your curly hair length in 12 inches may just reach your neck. In short, in three textures including straight, curly and wavy hair, curly hair is the shortest because it has much tighter coils and kinks throughout your natural tresses.

Hair Types

The length of hair extensions also depends on the hair texture. With the same length, the wavy hair extensions are longer than curly hair but shorter than straight hair products. Normally, the hair length is measured when the hair strand is in straight form. Therefore, if you want to measure your hair extensions, you need to consider your kind of hair extension. Don’t measure the curly hair as the way you do with straight hair.

How To Measure The Hair Extensions Length

What To Know About Natural Hair Length Chart?

Natural hair length can be divided to: ear length, chin length, shoulder length, armpit length, and mid back length. Ear length is very shortcut, and chin length is short haircut. Shoulder length is longer, known as the medium hair length. Armpit length is known as the long hair while mid back length is very long.

What To Know About Natural Hair Length Chart

Why Should You Use Hair Length Chart?

We highly recommend you to use the hair length chart in inches to be clear about the difference between the types of hair and the length. When you see this chart, you can know how different the hair length is with each hair type. No matter your hair is straight, curly or wavy, it is possible for you to apply the hair length chart.

If you want to purchase hair extensions, the length chart will make everything become easier because it will give you a vivid idea on the rage of hair extensions and your natural locks.

Hair Extension Length Chart In Inches

When it comes to hair extensions, you can follow the same rule of hair length. For example, if your natural wavy hair are 16 inches in length, you can consider the wavy hair length chart to buy the extensions with the right length for your desired mane.

Regarding hair extensions length, Luxshinehair offers many types of hair extensions with the length varying from 6 to 32 inches, based on the requirements of customers.

Hair Extension Length Chart In Inches

Short Hair Extensions

The hair extensions like weaves, clip-in, keratin hair, etc., from 6 inch hair, 8 inch hair, 10 inch hair to 12 inch hair are considered as short hair extensions. They can give you very short to shoulder-length hairstyles with dreaming thickness and volume.

Medium Hair Extensions

According to hair length chart inches, the hair extensions in 14 inch hair, 16 inch hair, 18 inch hair, 20 inch hair and 22 inch hair will give you medium hairstyles. So, you are finding the hairdos with the length changing from your shoulder to the middle of your back. The extensions in these lengths can satisfy you.

Long Hair Extensions

What about long hair extensions? Just think about this. Long and thick hair is a dream of many women. But it seems too long to wait until your hair reaches the length you desire for. Therefore, using the long extensions is the best and quickest way you can do. Try 24 inch hair, 26 inch hair, 28 inch hair, 30 inch hair or even 32 inch hair. You must be amazed at the hair length you can get after installation. For example, with weaves in 32 inch hair, you can get the hair that reaches to your behind. Its length is approximately 80 cm.

Hair Extension Length Of Luxshinehair

We have shown you some interesting information about hair length chart. If you want to change your look and your hairstyle quickly without changing your current hair, hair extensions in different lengths of Luxshinehair will make your dream come true. Come to this company, you can get high-quality hair extensions in various textures, colors and lengths. All of them are made from 100% Remy human hair, promising to satisfy all your demands.


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