Best Hair Care Tips For Every Hair Type

Best Hair Care Tips For Your Hair

As a matter of fact, each person has a different hair type. Some have thin hair, some have dry hair while others own dry, oily, or curly hair. You are wondering which hair-caring way is the best for yourself. Beside nowadays, with the development of beauty industry, many people spend lots of time and money to have their styled in salons. They hope to possess a gorgeous hairstyles with different colors because a good hair can make them more confident. But, by some ways, this is the reason why their hair can be damaged. If you want have a beautiful with deserve textures, styles and colors hair your own hair, find out hair extensions of Luxshinehair right now. So, today, to help you remove worries about caring hair, we will give you several useful and simple hair care tips for every hair type at home no matter what your hair type is. You must be curious now, right? Let’s start!

Best Hair Care Tips For Your Hair

1. Use lukewarm water for washing

One of the best hair care tips we want to mention here is using warm water to wash your hair. In fact, washing your hair with hot water can cause hair dryness because essential oils as well as moisture will be stripped off your hair. Similarly, cold water remains moisture in your hair, which results in an excess amount of moisture and makes your hair look flat.

Therefore, the best way is to mix hot and cold water when washing. Lukewarm water not only cleans your hair but also makes your hair soft.

Washing Hair With Lukewarm Water

2. Focus shampoo on your scalp and condition correctly

As said by American Academy of Dermatology, it is the best to concentrate shampoo on your scalp instead of the strands’ lengths and ends.  As can be known, you need to clean your scalp first when shampooing. When you just focus on your hair’s lengths as well as ends, it can give moisture away. For this reason, your hair will become dryer and, duller.

In contrast to shampooing, conditioning requires more concentration on the lengths and ends of your hair. You shouldn’t put conditioner on your scalp and roots as well because this can bring a flat and oily look for your hair. Always remember to apply conditioner far away from roots and scalp to reduce the weight of hair.

Condition Your Hair Correctly

3. Don’t brush your hair while they still wet

Do you know that combing your hair when they are wet will cause lots of damages? In fact, wet hair is usually weaker and more vulnerable. Any tugging strongly or brushing is one of the most terrible things you can do. Thus, be sure to wait until your hair is totally dry before brushing.

4. Pay attention to caring your scalp 

It can be said that your scalp plays a vital role when producing oils as well as shedding skin cells. It is also skin and requires caring as your face. So, there is no reason for you to ignore taking care of your scalp. If too much oil, dead skin cells and dirt are on your scalp, it can become overloaded and weaker.

How to get a healthy scalp?

  • Washing your hair every 2 days to remove oil, dirt, sweat or dead cells. But you should be careful when choosing shampoo products. Those shampoos have to be right for your scalp type.
  • In case your hair is greasy, change the type of shampoo you use regularly to another that can limit grease.
  • Avoid letting your hair wet too long after washing because it can harm cell membranes.
  • Maintain a healthy diet for your scalp. You should eat food filled with proteins, vitamins, etc. and especially limit sugar absorption.

5. Don’t make a ponytail everyday

Another tip for hair care is to avoid tight and high ponytail. Many people often style their hair in a high ponytail to save time. But making your hair like this every day is really bad, which can lead to breakage along your hair and hurt your scalp. If you do hair ties for a long time, the health of your hair will be definitely affected negatively. Therefore, it is better to limit make tight and high ponytails. Some ways you can apply are to put your hair down more usually, rock looser ponytails or use softer hair ties.

Loose And Low Ponytail

6. Use heat and sun protecting products

If you decide to style your hair with hot machines, remember to make heat protection by using heat protecting cream or spray. This can limit frying as well as unwanted damages for your hair during styling process. Besides, whenever you go out, always apply a sun protecting spray to protect hair form harmful sun lights.

Heat Protecting Products

Those are several hair care tips for every hair type we want to share with you today. Hope that it is really helpful to you. Besides, if you have a traditional black hair or dyed hair, you must want to know how to take care of natural black hair or dye hair, continue to read your article to discover this secret.


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