It is undeniable that people love beauty. Many people, especially women, are ready to spend a lot of money and effort to enhance their appearance. They even try many ways to gain the best effect and one of them is applying hair extensions. Hair extensions are considered as savior of women’s hair because their great benefits. Amongst many different types of them, remy hair extensions are highly suggested. It is said that remy hair extensions are made of 100% human hair and can be reused during a year. Therefore, to look fabulous with the support of hair extensions, it is very important to take care of them well. Everyone hopes to maintain hair extensions and reuse them as long as possible. In this post, we will give you some recommendations to get healthy hair extensions.

Wash your human hair correctly

how to get healthy hair

Washing hair is the basic step in hair care routine, however; washing too little or too much is not good. It is necessary to keep the suitable frequency. If you wear Remy hair extensions daily, they should not be washed more than four times a week. Why? The answer is that washing too much will diminish natural oils which nourish your human hair. This can lead to the dry and frizzy status of your hair. Moreover, choosing the right shampoo and conditioner is very important because the unsuitable ones can damage your hair extensions.

Be gentle with both your natural hair and hair extensions

You should be gentle with your hair not only when brushing your hair but also when drying it. After washing hair, many people usually dry it by using a towel. Wrapping and rubbing your hair with towel is a popular way. However, this is not good for your hair. Rubbing it with towel can make your hair break. In stead, let your hair air dry. In addition, remember to not brush wet hair because your hair is weak and this can lead to hair loss. It is suggested to use wide-toothed combs.

Take care when use heat appliances

how to get healthy hair

Many women love experiencing many different hairstyles. To do this, heat appliances are indispensable. Nonetheless, your Remy hair extensions can be damaged by the effect of heat appliances. Applying too much heat, your hair is prone to be dry and lose the shine. As a result, to protect your hair from heat effect, you should use heat protectant before styling your hair. Furthermore, try to apply heat appliances as much as possible. For example, in stead of using hair blower, let your hair dry naturally.

Get the regular trim

After a certain time of apply hair extensions, the split ends problem can happen due to many reasons. Therefore, to keep your hair always gorgeous, the regular trim is necessary.

Above are some recommendations for you to care for your own hair and hair extensions. Applying Remy hair extensions to boost your look is important but maintaining them is even more. Consider these tips to keep your healthy hair extensions.


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