Full Wig vs. Weave Bundles with Closure Package: Which One is Better?

Curly Bundles With Closure
Curly Bundles With Closure

Hair extensions have become so familiar in the hair fashion world. When it comes to hair extensions, you may intermediately think of a full wig since it is extremely common and convenient to use. Nevertheless, there are various types of hairpieces that are favored by women all over the globe. Weave Bundles with Closure packages are amongst the most favorite choices according to worldwide hair providers’ statistics. So, a full wig or a package of weave bundles with closure? If you wish to know which one is good for you, just keep figuring out with us.

About full lace wigs

We would like to talk about full lace wigs instead of just “full wigs” since most full wigs are made on a lace base.

How does a full lace wig look?

Full Lace Wig
Full Lace Wig

A full lace wig is constructed from a lace cap covering the whole head. The human hair is elaborately knitted into the lace by hand. It also has a strip of a stretch to help users adjust the size so that the wig perfectly fits their head.

Some Pros

  • Simple to apply

You could either glue your full wig onto your head or just adjust the strap to easily wear your wig depending on different types of wigs and the way you want to apply. This also means that it takes even less time to remove the wig for washing separately with your real hair.

  • More versatile

With a full lace wig, you could part the hair anywhere and make any style that you want like the way you treat your real hair.

  • More natural

It is hard to recognize you are wearing a full lace wig since it looks so natural. Users can be totally confident using full wigs without being the fear that any sign of the “fake” hair is revealed.

  • It is breathable for your scalp

With the lace base, your scalp could be able to breathe as usual. This helps dry the sweat under the wig and facilitate your natural hair growth.

Some Cons

In general, a lace full wig offers a higher cost than a package of. Additionally, it is almost impossible to change the hair length and thickness other than cutting it shorter or trimming to thin it. weave bundles with closure

Weave Bundles with Closure Package

What is a weave bundle?

Kinky Curly Weave Hair
Kinky Curly Weave Hair

A weave bundle (aka a hair weft) is a collection of hair strands woven on to a fine strip of cloth to create a “weft”. Wefts will differ in width dependent on their length but are generally referred to by their standard weight of 100 grams.

What is a lace closure?

Kinky Curly Closure
Kinky Curly Closure

A lace closure is a hairpiece where hair strands are tied on a square lace whose size is 4×4” standardly. There are also closures of other sizes depending on users’ interests.

In general, people will buy use a lace closure together with some hair bundles to fully cover their heads. Girls who have too short hair or do not want to drop their natural hair together with the hair extensions would normally make cornrows of their hair to hide under the hair extensions.

Pros of using the weave bundles with closure package

It looks natural

Straight bundles wit
Straight Bundles With Closure

As long as you use hairpieces originated from human hair materials such as Remy hair or Virgin hair and you apply them properly, your hair extensions will look exactly like your real hair. The perfect hairline will not reveal that the hair is attached to your head.

Affordable price

This is cheaper to buy a package deal of weave bundles with closure than a full lace wig which is made of the same materials and by the same manufacturer. For most customers, this is an affordable option. Therefore, many girls have searched cheap bundles with closure rather than a full wig.


We know the power of a full lace wig, yet you can also use the package to create various styles you want.

Although you could do more hairstyles with a lace full wig, you cannot lengthen or thicken a full wig. In contrast, if you use the package deal you could lengthen your hair by place the bundles at low position (very near your nape) or thicken your hair by adding more weave bundles.

If your real hair’s texture, color, and length could harmony with the hairpieces, you could simplify your hair installation by just attaching the hair bundles alternately with your real hair.

Easy to install and remove

Even beginners can do it themselves at home with correct guiding videos on the internet. Sewing or gluing? With or without cornrows? There are various methods that you could choose for yourself.

Cons of the weave bundles with closure package

Curly Bundles With Closure
Curly Bundles With Closure

Limited hairstyles

Unlike a full lace wig, weave bundles with closure will limit your hairstyles. For example, a ponytail won’t work when you make cornrows of your real hair.

Damage to the real hair and scalp

If not properly maintained and cleaned, it can damage the scalp and your real hair. Make sure you learn to take care of your hair extensions in the right way.

Which one is better to choose?

There is not only one answer for everyone. If “Simple is the best” is your slogan and you do not care much about the cost, then a full lace wig’s convenience will satisfy you. Otherwise, if you love the flexibility of the package, then it is not a bad idea at all to have weave bundles with closure. We believe that you know what would be best for yourself.

We hope to help you decide if a full lace wig or a combo of weave bundles with closure is better on you. It is interesting to know various types of hair extensions with the pros and cons of each one. Your good choice shall make your good life.


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