French braids vs. Dutch braids: What are the differences?

Dutch Vs French Braid
Dutch Vs French Braid

Hairstyles with braids are extremely simple but never out of date. French braids and Dutch braids are two of the most favorable types of girls all over the world. The styles look pattering on both young girls and elder women as of being neat and flexibly fashionable. The two types of braids look really similar at first sight, but you may find it interesting to explore the differences between French braids and Dutch braids.

How are French braids and Dutch braids different from one another? 

French Vs Dutch Braid
French Vs Dutch Braid

French braids

There are numerous braided hairstyles, yet French braids are widely favored by girls since it looks so charming and impressive.

French braids are a classic version of the standard plait braid. You could start at the top of your head with three sections and alternately cross the right and the left sections over the middle one. A new center strand is created every time you cross over. In this way, you could totally make the braid in many different styles and textures. For example, a braid starting at the left ear and ending at the right side of your nape should make a unique appearance compared to a braid along the natural direction of the hair.

The hairdo is simple to make, but if you want the best result, you may need to learn How to French braid your own hair.

Dutch braids

For the first comparison, a Dutch braid looks like an inside out French braid. While a French braid hugs and covers most of your head, a Dutch one seems to stand out of your head.

However, the ways you apply the two braids are not much different. Instead of crossing left and right strands over the middle one, you just go under.

For that reason, a Dutch braid is also called an “inside-out braid” or a “reverse braid”.

You could easily observe the shape of the braid on top, and the added sections are smoothly underneath.

Some short comparisons:

French braids make a flat form, while a Dutch one shows off an impressive 3D shape.

With French style, the left and right strands cross over the middle one. With Dutch style, they cross under.

A French braid brings your hair a smooth appearance; A Dutch one comes with a thick bunch of braid.

Some suggestions for you to make French braids and Dutch braids

Dutch braids with cross pattern

Dutch Braids With Cross Pattern
Dutch Braids With Cross Pattern

Two big braids are applied over each side. The two additional strands are made to connect the two braids and create some cross patterns in between. Those cross patterns will definitely make highlights if you wish something new for your usual two Dutch braids.

To make a perfectly neat and flawless look, do not forget to use a hairspray to keep your hair in a nice place.

Sided French braid with a low bun

Sided French Braid With Low Bun
Sided French Braid With a Low Bun

The eye-catching hairdo reminds you of a bridal style. You could also apply it on other occasions since it is simple and fast to have.

In case you wish to have a more gentle appearance than that, you are suggested to add some hair accessories such as some flower hairpins and dress up well for special events.

Cornrows Dutch Braid for Long Hair

Cornrows Dutch Braid For Long Hair
Cornrows Dutch Braid For Long Hair

You can make as many braids as you like to the mix with the cornrows. One way is to have Dutch braid cornrows from hairline to your nape.

The other way is to go for a 360-degree approach and collect the braids to form a ponytail. It is your choice to continue your braids until the hair end or let it be.

You should look so young and active with this style and are ready for any activities inside and outside.

French braids for short hair

French Braids For Short Hair
French Braids For Short Hair

You may think your hair is too short to style, but French braids could bring a more appealing look than you thought. Depending on the way you make tight or loose braids, you will look active or gentle and charming.

You are free to make one, two or more braids as you wish.

Ribbon Dutch Braid

Ribbon Dutch Braid
Ribbon Dutch Braid

The loose braid makes a clearer and bigger 3D image. Using colorful ribbons is a smart way to “dye” your hair without chemicals. The winding movement of the ribbons should make your strands “move” too.

Purl ribbons are one of the hair best accessories. They go so well with hair braids and help attract all eyes even at a night club.

French braids and Dutch braids have their own beauty but they are both worth trying even your hair is long or short, curly or straight. If you want to learn more to take care of and beautify your hair, please keep in touch with us for good updates.

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