Flattering Natural Hair Updo Styles 2019

Updo With White Flowers

If you are owning long or medium natural black locks and looking for some fun, interesting and amazing hairstyles that easy to style, don’t need to seek anymore coz this is your final destination. Updos are always on trend even though summer is gone and falling leaves are signals of autumn to come.

Can you imagine how beautiful you’re gonna be with an updo showing off your sexy neck? Why don’t you renew your boring hair by some flattering updos for natural black hair? We can make sure that these natural hair updos below will inspire you! And of course, you can completely create by yourself.

Updos For Natural Black Hair

Easy updos for natural black hair

Every woman will always want to find out some hairstyles which are both stylish, pretty and save time as well. Understanding their demand, we already researched and collected from different sources to give you the most impressive updos for natural black hair which is quite easy to create. Additionally, these hairstyles are also suitable on different occasions, wedding or formal event or even parties with your friends.

Two twisted edges of hair and a low small bun just take you a few minutes to do but still chic and attractive.

Two Twisted Edges Of Hair

Put your natural black hair up, part your hair in the middle and divide it into two equal sections to make two buns. It’s quite simple but cool!

Two Buns

A high bun with two pieces of hair pulling down along from your forehead upon chin will be a good ideas for an overnight party or hanging with your friends.

A High Bun With Two Pieces Of Hair

If you are finding some cute updos for natural black hair to change weekly, this updo below will be a smart choice. Spend your 5 minutes and see how it’s going on!

Cute Updos For Natural Black Hair

Braided updos for black natural hair

Braided hair is always favorite styles of almost women when turning into updos. This combination creates a highlight for your hair and easily catch eyes. If you are knee-deep in job and have no time to look for some ideas about natural hair updos, don’t worry coz we already found some most special braided updos for black natural hair for you to try. Let pay attention to these examples below.

The combination between big and small corn braids is amazing. A big bun created by them is the key of this stunning hairstyle.

A Big Bun By Braids

There is no exaggeration to say that cornrow hairstyle is always loved by black women with long natural black hair. It’s understandable since cornrow braids with a low bun is catchy and beautiful.

Cornrow Braids With A Low Bun

This braided updo for black natural hair below is also a good idea for both formal and informal events. Just by some simple steps, you can completely rock a cool and chic updo.

Braided Updo For Black Natural Hair

Wedding updos for natural black hair

Most women choose undo as a hairstyle for their most important event of their life- their wedding. Who don’t want to become the most beautiful bride? Nobody. An updo combined with natural black hair will bring you a romantic look and help you to be outstanding. A wedding white dress and small flower clipped onto your beautiful hair will be gorgeous. Get ready to shine up by these wedding updos for natural black hair below.

A low braided bun adorned with floral and bejeweled headpieces and matched earrings are a perfect combination for a wedding style.

A Low Braided Bun

A bit more complicated hairstyle with purely white elastics to highlight your updo is worth to try. We are sure that nobody can take their eyes off you rocking this wedding updos for natural black hair.

Updo With Purely White Elastics

A white flowers combined with white wedding dress will help you become the most beautiful bride in the world. A dream catcher earrings will enhance your beauty and brighten your face.

Updo With White Flowers

A high bun adorned with twinkle jewelries or a veil is gorgeous. Just a small detail will make u look impeccable.

A High Bun Adorned With Twinkle Jewelries

Natural hair updos are various in styling and seem to quite simple to make. Therefore, if you are fed yp with your old hair, let make something new! What you dare try will make you different.

Hopefully, through this post, you already find a proper updo for yourself to get ready renew your appearance and enjoy it.


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