A suitable hairstyle plays an important role in brightening your face. But, if you don’t know what hairstyle fit your face shape most, don’t worry because we will help. Today, Luxshinehair will show you the most fashionable short hairstyles for your face shape. Discover them with us right aways!

Oval Face

If you have an oval face, we congratulate you for being a pretty lucky guy as this kind of face shape can go well with many different hairstyles. All you need is opt for a hairstyle which is able to draw attention to the best features of your face.

Here are some short hairstyles for ladies who are blessed with an oval face shape:

– Tousled bob with brown highlights

fashionable short hairstyles that suit your face shape 1

Not too messy but not too flat, this tousled bob with highlights will be the best choice when you want a casual look. The golden highlights from top to bottom add a little bit of contrast.

– Metallic symmetrical pixie cut with long fringe

fashionable short hairstyles that suit your face shape 1 1

Metallic hair color is very trendy. It looks good on pixie cuts. Besides metallic purple hair color, you can think of rocking metallic pearl gray color, metallic silver color, metallic blue color and metallic opal color.

Round Face

If your face is round, you should avoid hairstyles with rounded shapes. And if you would like to have bangs, you should go for layered bangs instead of blunt bangs to elongate your face length.

– V-cut outgrown pixie

fashionable short hairstyles that suit your face shape 2

When hairstylists are asked to slim down their clients’ faces, V-cut outgrown pixie is always one of the hairstyles that they think of first. While the V-cut makes your face look less round, the side-swept bangs help to keep the hairstyle ladylike.

– Platinum blonde bob

fashionable short hairstyles that suit your face shape 3

Hitting right at the shoulders, this cut is an ideal length to add height to the look. It will certainly grab attention from everyone who sees it.

Heart Face

A heart-shaped face is considered to be the envy of many women as they can choose almost any hairstyle.

The heart-shaped face is often associated with a wide forehead but a narrow chic, so it is necessary to choose a hairstyle which can shift the attention to the cheeks.

– Textured choppy bob

fashionable short hairstyles that suit your face shape 4

Why don’t you highlight your heart-shaped face with a textured choppy bob hairstyle? The layers flatter the chin slightly and frame your heart-shaped face gently.

– Delicate face-framing bob

platinum blonde bob kelsey crawford 2

This bob ends right at the chin and shifts the attention to your cheekbones instead of your narrow chin. Therefore, a balanced look is created.

Square Face

It may be tricky for ladies with a square face to find a suitable hairstyle because their forehead, their cheekbones and their jaw line seem to be all of the same width. Let’s browse some of the following options.

– Tousled wavy bob

fashionable short hairstyles that suit your face shape 5

A tousled wavy bob hairstyle is always among the most glamorous haircuts for people with a square face. The short waves will soften the sharp edges of the face.

– Fiery wispy curls

fashionable short hairstyles that suit your face shape 6

The fiery wispy curls not only add volume to the hair but also make your face more oval. Hope that the list above can help you to find out the best hairstyle for your face shape.

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