Fantastic Grunge Hairstyles That Make You Look Cool

Impressive Grunge Hairstyles

Grunge hairstyles, a hot trend of 1990s, will make you look so different and rebellious. If that style is what you are looking for, put more consideration into the grunge hairstyles to get a cool appearance. Let discover interesting information about this style!

Impressive Grunge Hairstyles

What Do You Know About Grunge?

Firstly, we need to find out the origin of grunge style and why it became popular in the 1990s. For most of us, the term “grunge” seems quite new and strange. It is not only fashion style but also a feeling, a lifestyle or a music genre. In general, when it comes to Grunge,  people will refer to some words like “smudgy”, “messy” and “lazy”; including baggy clothes with dark color tone to exalt free, wild but brave clothing style of the young in many countries at that time.

Grunge Hairstyles

Grunge style is supposed to originate from America, starting at some cities like Seattle or Washington in the beginning of 1990s. This time, the economy was in difficult situation and was facing with a serious crisis. Meanwhile, the world saw the development and domination of Alternative Rock, represented by bands such as Nirvana and Pearl Jam. Therefore, Grunge style also appeared as a way for the young to respond to the social context and show their unpleasant feeling to unreasonable prices of many fashion products.

What Do You Know About Grunge

Besides baggy and messy clothes, grunge style is also shown by unique hairstyles that help teenagers show their freedom, dependence and personality. As a matter of fact, 90s grunge hairstyles are quite weird and cool, giving wears a wild and free look. That is the reason why these hairdos were all the rage among the young people that time. Now, grunge hairstyles are coming back and there are a variety of different haircuts as well as hair colors for women to get a grunge look. Here are some of the best grunge hairstyles that can evolve your inspiration.

Coolest Grunge Hairstyles for Girls

Tousled/messy Bob

Messy bob is considered the easiest way for you to get a grunge look. This style is so versatile and easy to do so that it doesn’t take you a lot of time to create. Needless to say, with this bob, you will have a free and cool appearance, making a great impression on anyone you meet on streets. How to get this look? All you need to do is to simply ruffle your hair up and add some volume, mixing with dark makeup for a marvelous style.

Tousled Messy Bob

You can dye your hair with blonde or denim like in this picture to increase the effect of grunge style.

Denim And Blonde Messy Bob

Blunt Bob

Blunt bob is one of the most popular grunge hairstyles loved by almost teenagers in 90’s. A chin-length bob or lip-level bob requires low maintenance for its short length. Grunge hairstyles for short hair symbolize the casual and free beauty of that decade.

Blunt Bob

Pixie Cut with an Edge

Pixie cut can also make you grungy. Thus, just try a colored pixie cut and styling it by creating an edge to get an asymmetrical look.

Pixie Cut With An Edge

Bob with Beanie

To be honest, the beanie works a wonder on fringed bob, giving you a cool and street look. For a grunge style, don’t hesitate to put on a beanie on your hair in cold days before going out!

Bob With Beanie

Medium Hair with Beanie

As a matter of fact, a beanie fits both short hair and medium hair. So, just make your hair more interesting with the beanie. This will be a fun combination for your new style.

Medium Hair With Beanie

Natural Long Waves

If you are looking for grunge hairstyles for long hair, the natural long waves is one of the most popular styles that you should not miss. Although it seems simple, you still catch all the attention of others when rocking this long hairstyle for hanging out with your friends.

Natural Long Waves

In short, it is always interesting to sport the fantastic hairstyles which make us look cool and attractive, isn’t it? Some above-mentioned grunge hairstyles promise to give you an impressive look and help you to show your own personality. Luxshinehair is sure that you will look killer with these unique hairstyles whether you lived via the grunge period or you have just tried it for the first time. Thanks for your reading!

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