Applying hair extensions nowadays is not only a trend amongst women but also a hair beauty tool. The hair plays an important role in enhancing people’s look, especially women’s one. Therefore, they try their best to have amazing hair that is silky, smooth and shiny. Vietnam virgin hair is one of many extensions brands many women all over the world trust and choose. To keep the hair always glamorous, women find many ways to take care of their hair well. However, no matter how good you care your hair, your Vietnam virgin hair still can be hurt by some reasons. If you do not know why, let’s go further into some factors in this post.

#1 Chemical

factors make your hair damaged 1

Chemical is considered as one of the main reasons leading to damaged hair. Nowadays, the demand of hair beauty is high, therefore; people usually want to experience many hairstyles and colors. During this process, your hair will have to suffer a lot of chemicals from gel, dye color and so on. They even can be toxic. These toxic chemicals build up and often lead to hair problems and affect your health badly.

#2 Brushing Your Hair

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Vietnam virgin hair is human one, therefore; it needs your care. In the aftercare routine, you have to be careful even when brushing although it is a basic step. Remember to brush gently and be patient with hair knots. If your hair is tangled, brush gently and carefully to remove all the knots. On the other hand, you can damage your hair cuticles by aggressive brushing. This can make your hair lose the shine and even cause breakage and split ends.

#3 Sun Damage

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Sun can damage not only your skin but also your hair. The sun weakens your hair’s protein structure, de-moisturizes it and reduces elasticity so your hair breaks more easily. Your Vietnam virgin hair has to suffer from sunshine too much, which can lead to many hair issues such as hair loss, dry hair and so on. This even can change your hair color. Therefore, to take care of your hair well, it is important to protect it from sunshine. Remember to wear a hat when go out, especially when you go to the beach. In summer, the more scorching the sunshine is, the more carefully you have to care for your hair.

#4 Diet

factors make your hair damaged 4

The food you eat also can affect your hair a lot. Your diet plays an important role in hair health. If your body is not provided with the right amount of vitamins and minerals, your hair will suffer. Therefore, you should have a suitable diet to maintain your body in the good condition to nourish your hair.

Above are some factors that can make your Vietnam virgin hair damaged. The effect of chemical, aggressive brushing, sun damage and diet can change your hair status. Beside these factors, there are also some reasons like daily stress, environment, etc. As a result, you should protect your Vietnam virgin hair well from these factors to keep it beautiful and gorgeous.


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