Everything about temporary hair extensions

Temporary hair extensions
Temporary hair extensions

If you find growing your natural hair difficult, hair extensions are the great choice for you. Instant length, subtle volume and glamorous hairstyles are the most outstanding perks of them. They not only give you your dreaming hair length but also change your style with different colors. You can choose the one that matches your hair color and hair texture for perfectly seamless look. Even when you change your shades, just bring them along to hair salon to dye them too.

Will it harm your natural tress? No, for sure. It happens to damage your hair with wrong applications only. Thus, a professional hairstylist is really in need for your beautiful lock.

If you want to reduce the amount of money on hair salon, let’s try temporary hair extensions.

Temporary hair extensions

What are temporary hair extensions?

As the name itself, this type of hair extensions are used in short time with ease in applications and removal. Among all of hair extensions, we can say clip-in, halo, ponytail and glueless wig are temporary hair extensions. Thanks to them, you can get long and beautiful hair at home by yourself and take them off everywhere, everytime you want.

Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are made from weave hair extensions which are sewn into strips of clothes. In the others, there will be some snap-in clips attached. There are many pieces of clothes to build a set of this type. To apply it, we need to secure the clip onto our natural hair.

Halo hair extensions have the same way to create. However, they have 1 strip of clothes for 1 set. At the same time, there will be a nylon wire linking to 2 elastic bands which can adjust the size by themselves. Thus, they will fit your head perfectly.

Ponytail hair extensions will bring you a long ponytail as you wish. They are also made of weave hair extensions and a big piece of clothes. Though, they have 1 piece only with large size to cover your natural ponytail. Moreover, there will be a strip of hair that connect with velcro to hide the seam between hair extensions and your own tress.

Glueless wig covers all your natural hair for a total new look. To install it, you needn’t use glue at all because it fit your head perfectly. There will be 2 elastic bands that can adjust the size by themselves.

Price for temporary hair extensions

Afraid of the cost? Girls, we all know that “we get what we pay for”. I promise that it’s worth to invest in your hair. There are a large range of hair extensions with diverse prices. You can find cheap ones, like $20 only, on Amazon which are synthetic fibers or low quality for one day use. Thus, they can hurt your hair and scalp or give you unnatural look.

We highly recommend you to purchase products made from Remy hair. Remy hair is 100% human hair which has cuticle intact and run in the same direction. Hence, they are familiar as the hair in your head with tangle-free feature. One of its perks is to give you a nature-alike hairstyle that no one can detect it. Although it charges more, you can use it many times within long period from 1 year up to 3 year.

Some celebrities with temporary hair extensions

Ariana Grande natural hair

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is famous for her high ponytail. This hairstyle has become an iconic thing when talking about “7 rings” voice. However, if you are not a fan of Ariana, hardly do you know that her go-to hairstyle is a hair extension! In fact, her natural tress is short and curly as the photo above.

Nicki Minaj Wig

Nicki Minaj

Needless to say, we all know about Nicki’s wig collections. The famous rapper usually changes her wigs with light colors such as red, pink, light blonde, etc.

Chrissy Grande Clip In

Chrissy Teigen

We usually catch Chrissy with a shoulder-length hair. Sometimes, she has long and voluminous locks thanks to clip-in hair extensions. Although they give her a new look, the supermodel gets trouble with them as well. She posted a video of her extensions removal when laying in the kitchen floor. It was so frustrating that she shout out “cut it” to the assistant. It’s so funny, huh?

Your hair cannot grow long overnight but temporary hair extensions can do it within 15 minutes only. Are you ready to go bold with a brand new look?


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