Does Trimming Your Hair Make It Grow Faster?

Hair Trimming
Hair Trimming

You may have heard a myth that cutting your hair makes it grow better. In fact, hair growth begins at the follicles in your scalp, not at the ends. Then, why do many people keep saying that a haircut will promote hair growth? Does trimming your hair make it grow faster actually? We are going to discuss whether it is possible, and other ways to help your hair get longer quickly if you are interested.

First of all, do trims affect your hair growth?

Hair Trimming
Hair Trimming

As mentioned above, hair grows from the hair tips. However, trimming unhealthy parts including split ends will help reduce breakage and flyaways, making it look thicker and shinier. Eventually, this shall make the hair appear to grow faster since the hair will break less, then grow faster in a shorter period of time. Hence, my answer is “Yes” to your question that does trimming your hair make it grow faster.

But what if your hair is not damaged or has split ends? Well, trimming is not likely beneficial to your hair growth. If you want other ways to promote your hair growing better, just keep exploring with us.

1. Boost your physical and mental health

Foods For Hair
Foods For Hair

We believe you could notice how your overall health affects your skin condition. It is similar to your hair look. You should not expect healthy hair when you feel sick both physically and mentally.

That sounds far from your expectation to find a way to help grow your hair faster. Yet there is an easier option for you: try supplement tablets for hair along with specific categories of foods. Omega-3, vitamin B, biotin, and iron, etc. shall help enable your strands development and add shine on them. 2. Rethink the way you use hot tools

When it comes to hair length promotion, you will want your strands to grow well from roots and also avoid breakage from the tips. Overheating your hair with hot styling tools shall make your locks dry and brittle, leaving your hair broken and shortened. So, what you should do is lowering your tools’ temperature not to damage your hair.

Otherwise, you could find alternative ways which are more healthy to treat your hair. If your strands are not very thick, you should only quickly dry the scalp and then take advantage of natural winds to slowly make the rest dry. For styling your hair, temporary techniques such as heatless curls are suggested for girls who do not want hot tools or chemical products and love frequent change.

2. Apply natural hair masks for hair growth 

Cucumber For Hair Growth
Cucumber For Hair Growth

It is a great way to provide nutrients and moistures for your scalp and also the hair strands from outside. Natural ingredients act as beneficial and friendly resources facilitating hair length development. Both natural oils and natural juices should work well on your hair. Depending on your hair’s characteristics, you shall consider what type and how often you apply them. For example, people with oily scalp and fine hair should not use natural oils too frequently.

3. Even the way you brush your hair has an effect?

It seems to be irrelevant, but proper hair wash could either make hair growth better or worse.

Brush Hair

Firstly, combing the hair every morning and evening in a gentle manner will help stimulate the hair follicles and make the hair grow more quickly.

In contrast, brushing your hair too much can actually cause physical damage to your strands, preventing it from developing. If your hair is tangled and fragile, you should comb it from the ends and gradually go higher to the roots. It will take more time, but your sensitive hair should be treated that way. In addition, minimize brushing when wet as your hair is weak enough to break in this case.

4. Try some hair extensions

If you find it time-consuming or hopeless to have long and voluminous hair as you wish, then having hair extension is a constant way to make a constant change on your look.

If you just want to quickly add some light hairpieces on your head which are also fast to remove, then try some clip-in hair extensions. In case you want a totally different look with thick hairpieces, you could think of a full wig or weave hair bundles. Various hair extensions types of Luxshinehair are designed for different targets of users. You may find that there is no need to struggle with your short and thin hair anymore.

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Here you got the answer for your concern does trimming your hair make it grow faster, and know other tips to promote your hair length gradually and constantly. Keep following us as there are more things you may interest.


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