My greasy hair and DIY dry shampoo recipes

Homemade Dry Shampoo
Homemade Dry Shampoo

Back when I had a short hairstyle, I usually washed my hair almost every day and it became a habit of mine. After that, I decided to grow my hair for a long and glamorous look. However, my habit caused so much troubles to me such as breakage, split ends, and greasy hair as well. My hair went matted quickly, like just few hours after a hair wash! It’s really annoying.

Greasy Hair

I did research on the Internet and found out that I shouldn’t refresh my hair frequently. I did follow this guideline, but in the off-wash-day, my hair was terrible and I couldn’t go out with it. Luckily, dry shampoo worked for me. I purchased some products that was popular and suitable to my budget. BUT they were so small and used up so fast. I cannot afford them anymore. Thus, DIY dry shampoo has become my best choice.

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I am Vietnamese with natural black hair which gets a little brown tint. I wash my hair twice a week on Sunday and Wednesday. My skin is mixed type and my scalp is the same, thus, I use my homemade dry shampoo on Tuesday and Friday only. Now, take a look to my recipes.

I mix cornstarch and coffee powder with the ratio 2:3 so that it matches my hair color better. You know, Vietnam coffee powder is easy to buy and it has black-brown color as my hair hue. Especially, I’m really in love with coffee and addicted to the smell. When 2 substances blend so well, I will put some oil drops. You can use the organic oil you want. For me, I choose coconut oil because I can do it by myself with cheap cost. In case I am busy, I can find it everywhere in Vietnam. And done! To store my DIY dry shampoo, I put it in a pepper shaker. When applying dry shampoo, you can shake it directly to your scalp and blend with your fingers. I’d prefer to use a make brush because we can get enough amount and make it look naturally.

Best Dry Shampoo

Some of you may wonder if there is any bad effects of homemade dry shampoo to our hair. If so, we need to find another solutions for oily hair, right? According my experience, it do have some negative aspects. I also have another post about its problems and some ideas to solve them. Check it here.

Besides, I collected some other recipes you can consider below. DIY shampoo hair is an amazing idea to absorb the extra natural oil in your hair. It also brings “yummy smell” depending on your ingredients. Let’s choose the best remedy for your hair color. This is my story, you can also tell us yours. If you have other tips for greasy hair, please share it by leaving comments.

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