Distinguish Unprocessed Hair Bundles and Processed Ones

Blonde Hair
Blonde Hair

If you are planning to thicken and beautify your strands with some human hair bundles, we believe you are curious about the differences between unprocessed hair bundles and processed ones. Yes, each type of hair material has its own disadvantages which explain its existence in the hair fashion world. This article aims to distinguish the two types of hair extensions and suggests you decide which to choose.

Processed hair bundles

Processed Hair Bundles
Processed Hair Bundles

Processed hair bundles refer to weave hair that has been chemically treated during production so as to make it appear a certain way. The hair is soaked in an acidic bath to remove all cuticles and get rid of all its natural features. Typically, processed hair is coated in silicone for a more beautiful and shiny appearance.

Processed hair bundles’ advantages

The removal of cuticles is helpful for coloring and treatment in whichever way you would like. Usually, the silicone coating boosts the hair’s shine and beauty as well as softens the weave bundles.

Some disadvantages

The typical weakness of a processed hair bundle is the short lifespan as compared to if it was left unprocessed.

Secondly, after washing processed hair, the silicone starts to come off, resulting in hair tangle. At the same time, the silkiness starts fading, and it feels more like damaged and rough hair.

So what about unprocessed hair bundles

Luxshinehair Unprocessed Bundles.jpg
Unprocessed Hair Bundles.jpg

The hair after production shall be still in its natural state, with all the cuticles intact. The materials are usually collected directly from human heads and will not be subjected to any chemical treatment.

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Advantages of Unprocessed hair bundles

Firstly, in case you want to dye your hair, you can get a great color match to your own. By knowing the original tones in the hair, you could decide which tones it pulls well.

Furthermore, unprocessed hair last significantly longer than processed ones. The hair is soft and more manageable after you wash since it is not coated with silicone during production.

Disadvantages of unprocessed hair bundles

Higher quality requires a higher cost. Unprocessed hair bundles are expensive than processed ones. Not only that, but the absence of chemical processes also may not please some users who want special textures that could not be found from unprocessed hair bundles sources.

So, which should you choose?

Unprocessed hair bundles are ideal for those that wish to color the hair themselves so as to match with their real hair. The hair will last much longer and is easy to manage after washing because it is not coated with silicone.

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If you love the hair bundles that are already colored and treated, processed hair will be your best choice. You could order any unique texture of hair, which you cannot always do with unprocessed ones. The silicone layer is used to coat the strands to add shine to the beautiful appearance. But be aware that this look just lasts for a short time.

This is you who will make your last decision and make sure you find a reliable provider.

How to identify the unprocessed human hair bundles?

Blonde Hair

Natural human hair has an outer layer of scales that are overlapping, which is similar to the scales of a fish overlap. Simply, run your finger and thumb down the hair, from the roots to its ends, you will notice that they travel smoothly. Then run the same fingers in the opposite direction, you will feel a bit of friction hence a feeling of roughness.

You can recognize the cuticle direction by observing the roots and the ends of the weave bundle. Naturally lighter hair colors will generally have darker roots and lighter ends.

The article hopefully explains thoroughly the differences between unprocessed hair bundles and processed ones. If you are looking for Remy and Virgin human hair bundles that are totally unprocessed, Luxshinehair shall definitely give you some useful suggestions.


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