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6 Inch Clip In Hair Of Beequeenhair

When you find for hair extensions, you need to consider many different features of hair for your favorite style. As for womankind these days, beautiful hairstyles are not necessary long and straight. Short hairdos can also give impressive images that help girls become more charming and attractive.

Many people choose to use short hair extensions instead of styling short haircuts with their own real hair. Perhaps their hair is too short and frizzy or they have weak and thin hair which should not be styled or dyed too much. Anyways, their choices will actually not bad if they use wonderful 6 inch clip in hair extensions of Luxshinehair.

Woman With 6 Inch Hair

1. Description of 6 inch Clip in hair extensions of Luxshinehair

Luxshinehair is a prestigious hair extensions import- export company in Vietnam with more than 10 years of experience. We always make sure that all of our hair products including 6 inch clip in hair products are made with the best image, quantity and quality. For details, let’s check them out here immediately!

Trustworthy Origin

The special thing of Luxshinehair’s hair extensions that a lot of hair extensions of other bands can’t have is the good hair origin from Vietnam. Our company selects hair sources from trustworthy hair donors all over the country. Hair needs to have enough criteria of virgin and remy hair.

Obviously, that means there won’t have any problems of artificial hair, white hair, processed hair or hair bugs. Customers will always get high quality hair extensions which are made from 100% real human hair of Vietnamese women.

Ideal length size for short hair

When you order 6 inch clip in hair extensions, you must have wanted to have an impressive short hairstyle. Hair with 6 inches is only about 15 centimeters so that its length is quite modest. However, you can completely have beautiful styles with them such as pixie hair or bob hair, etc.

Pixie Hair


There is an important note that you need to take care to avoid unexpected complaints. 6 inch length size is measured when hair is straight. If hair is styled into hair waves or hair curls, the length will be very short and can look not nice.

Short Wavy Hair

Wonderful Quality

When buying any product, the thing you care the most is actually its quality. Luxshinehair understands the demand of customers clearly so that we always guarantee to make hair extensions which is not only beautiful but high quality as well.

Even when hair is short, we still always guarantee that it is completely remy hair which is as straight, smooth and natural as that of your real hair. You also don’t need to worry about hair shedding or hair tangles in our products because they appear very few. In addition, because our hair extensions are real hair, they are safe and durable on people hair.

Beautiful Clip Ins

Talking about clip ins, you can also feel completely secure. Specialized hair clips are properly attached in fixed hair wefts. Hair wefts are made from modern technique machines and hair clips are sewn in by hands of skilled blue collars. Generally, the perfect combination between these stages helps hair extensions to be made with the best quality.

Diverse Standards

All hair extensions of Beequeeenhair including 6 inch clip ins have diverse standards for different demands of customers. We divide them into 3 main types. They are single drawn hair, double drawn hair and super drawn hair. The thickness of hair bundles with the right length size are gradually increased according to their standard name.

For example, if you want to wear hair extensions to hide your hair’s shortcomings of thin hair, you should choose double drawn or super drawn hair to give the best effect. On the other hand, if you only need to add some hairs at some position on your head, you can use single drawn hair because it is thinner and cheaper.

Clip In Hair Extensions Of Luxshinehair

Besides, for people who want their hair looks as natural as possible, you can use another suggestion of “one- donor hair” of us. Commonly, each hair bundle is hair mixed by hair of two or more different hair donors with the same hair colors and hair textures to give the most feasible quantity. Thus, when you order 6 inch hair clip ins or any other hair types with “one- donor hair standard”, you will get hair of only one suitable hair donor that helps your hair look the most wonderful.

Impressive Colors

Beautiful hair and good quality will be nothing if these short hair extensions can’t meet your demands of nice colors. When visiting Luxshinehair, you will be suggested with many amazing hair colors. Because our hair products are 100% real hair, their colors must look as natural and attractive as possible. We supply hair with colors from basic shades of black color to outstanding tones of brown, blonde and red.

Amazing Clip Ins

You can feel a bit disappointed because we don’t supply light colors such as pink, orange, blue, green, etc. To have these above mentioned colors, hair need to be bleached and dyed for many times. It also means that the quality of real human hair can be relatively affected. Hair become drier, weaker and easier to get damage. Obviously, no one wants that. Thus, we make clip- in hair extensions with medium tones to make sure that hair is always beautiful, strong and natural. With various shades, they will actually look outstanding and eye- catching that make you satisfied.

Blonde Clip Ins

Reasonable Price

The price of hair extensions belongs to many elements such as hair source, hair type, hair texture, hair color, hair length and also hair standard. As for 6 inch clip in hair extensions, the price of hair is absolutely reasonable. They are hair extensions with the shortest length size so that the cost for making hair is also less. Obviously, quality, quantity and other features of hair are always guaranteed to meet your satisfaction as well as possible.

How do you feel of 18 inch clip in hair extensions of Beequeenhair

Never regret buying these high quality hair extensions of Luxshinehair because investing in your hair look is always the worthy investment. Instead of buying artificial hair with low quality and short lifespan, choosing hair products from real human hair of us is the perfect choice.

2. Some other references

Apart from supplying wonderful 6 inch clip in hair, Luxshinehair also makes many different hair types of 6 inch hair from basic types of bulk hair and weave hair to sophisticated types of tape hair, keratin hair, lace hair and wig. Each type has its own advantages that make your hair look become brighter, more voluminous and eye- catching than ever.

In case you like having hair with the better length size, we can completely help you. Luxshinehair has hair with impressive length sizes from shortest ones with 6 inches to amazing hair extensions which is long upto 32 inches. Combining them with diverse textures of straight, wavy hair curly hair, you will actually get gorgeous hair styles.

Luxshinehair Company

3. Q&A about 6 inch clip in hair extensions of Luxshinehair

What are beautiful styles with 6 inch clip ins?

As we have mentioned above, hair is short so that you had better choose to have short hairstyles with straight hair such as pixie straight hair, curved short hair or short bob hair. If not, you can try styling hair with stunning hair waves or hair curls, they will make your appearance look much more outstanding and rebellious.

Blonde Short Hairstyle

What is the lifespan of these clip ins?

All hair extensions of Luxshinehair, including clip ins with 6 inches are real human hair so that the hair lifespan is also like that of your own hair. It is unlimited. Of course, it happens when you put them away without using. When you wear these hair clip ins on your own hair, you can keep it like new for about 2 to 3 years.

Clip in hair extensions are very easy to put in and take off so that you can apply them for many times easily and quickly. Moreover, hair clips are durable so the lifespan of hair can be very long and impressive.

Nice Short Hair

How are Luxshinehair’s Customer services?

Not only does Luxshinehair supply beautiful hair extensions but we also have wonderful customer services. What do you need at a good customer service? Thoughtful care? Quick delivery? Good return service? Flexible payment system? Luxshinehair has all of them with the best quality. Let’s give an order to Luxshinehair and you will never feel disappointed.

Does your company have any Promotion on special occasions?

Of course, Promotions are indispensable on special occasions. They are representatives for our thanks to lovely customers and partners. Right in these days, we are having Amazing Christmas and New Year Promotions. Let’s check them out now!

Wonderful Services

After reading this article of 6 inch hair clip ins of Luxshinehair, whether you have any questions or comments for us or not? Please show us your comments and we will absorb and answer to improve our service better as well as bring to you the highest quality hair products.



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