Differences Between Remy Hair, Non-remy Hair And Virgin Hair Extensions

Remy Hair, Non Remy Hair, And Virgin Hair

Remy hair, non-remy hair or virgin hair are what you might hear about. But what are exactly the differences between three types of hair extensions? Each of them hair both pros and cons. That is the reason why today I want to share with you a clear comparison among remy hair extensions, non-remy hair extensions and virgin hair extensions. Keep reading this post to get more useful and interesting information. Don’t let you wait anymore! Let start!

Remy Hair, Non Remy Hair, And Virgin Hair

What Are Remy Hair Extensions?

Remy hair is harvested from one donor. It is 100% human hair. The remy hair is collected from the scalp in which all the hair strands go in the same direction as it grew. To make this, people often hold the hair of the donor in a ponytail and then cut it to remain the texture pattern as well as the cuticle direction.

In general, remy hair is lightly processed to make sure that it will look super soft, smooth, silky and shiny with less tangles or knots. After cut out of the donor, the hair is often deeply cleaned and conditioned, which restores shine and get rid of impurities as well. You don’t need to worry about this process because no harmful chemical are used. Remy hair extensions are definitely hypoallergenic.

What Are Remy Hair Extensions

It is the fact that remy hair extensions are extremely soft, smooth and burnished. You nearly can’t find any tangling, knotting or matting in these hair products. The hair extensions made from this type of hair can last up to a year with regular and proper care.

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Remy hair extensions have become one of the most prevalent hair products nowadays for their convenience, quality as well as ability to create a very natural look. They can blend seamlessly with your own hair and look exactly your real hair when worn.

What Are Non-remy Hair Extensions?

Different from remy hair, non-remy hair is collected from the floor of salons and random suppliers. That is the reason why the direction of the hair cuticles are often mixed or messy. Therefore, you can find non-remy hair extensions prone to be tangling, matting or shedding.

What Is Non Remy Hair

To solve this problem, harsh chemicals are usually used to detangle the hair and smooth the hair cuticles. Sometimes, manufactures also use silicone to cover hair strands, making it look softer and shiner. But, after some times of shampooing, the non-remy hair extensions can become brittle or tangling because the silicone are slipped out.

Remy And Non Remy Hair Extensions

So, which hair extensions do you want to use? If you are finding those made from 100% remy hair to change your hairstyles and your appearance, buy Luxshinehair’s products. Remy human hair extensions of this company are well-known for high quality and diverse styles like bulk, weave, clip-in hair, tape-in hair, keratin hair extensions, lace closure, lace frontal, ponytails or wigs. I believe that you will feel satisfied with the hair extensions of this company.

Remy Human Hair Extensions Of Luxshinehair

What Are Virgin Hair Extensions?

Virgin hair is definitely intact and unprocessed. It means that the hair has never been treated or experienced any chemical process in any way: no perming, no dyeing, no coloring or no bleaching. Virgin hair is often harvested from young females. Therefore, there will be no gray or split hair. The hair always remains its natural state and the hair cuticles are also not harmed or damaged. The donors of virgin hair have to make sure that they have healthy, full and long hair. For these features, the virgin hair is evaluated to be better than remy hair. And of course, its cost is higher. But you can completely feel secure when use hair extensions made of virgin hair because they can last longer and look more natural.

Virgin Hair Extensions

I have shown you some interesting information about three types of hair: Remy hair, non-remy hair and virgin hair? Which one do you like the most? I think you ought to choose hair extensions based on your budget and demands. Understand more clearly about three of them can help you make a right decision. If you want to discover more about hair extensions like curly or black hair extensions, continue to read the articles on this website. Thanks a lot for your reading!


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