If you are the one who are concerned about hair extension market, BEEQUEENHAIR seems to be not a strange brand. When coming with us, you can totally be assured of the price as well as quality of our hair extensions. Additionally, it is our pleasure to have an opportunity to share with our customers useful information related to hair.

The wind is among the most familiar culprit that messes up your hair. Generally, thick hair, dry and damaged hair and hair which is not brushed regularly are the easiest ones suffering from tangles. In comparison with short hair and medium hair, long hair gets tangled more easily. Below is some simple ways to help you deal with tangled hair on windy days. 

Untangle your hair with your fingers

It is considered as the simplest but most effective way to untangle even your natural hair or your hair extensions. First of all, bow your head down to the ground so that your bob hair is down through your face vertically. After that, use your hands to gently massage the hair roots in a spiral shape to regain hair’s volume. Finally, scratch your messy hair with your finger nails or finger tips to make it smooth again.

Use water

Don’t worry that water can make your bob hair lose its volume and thickness. In fact, water is a great savior which helps you deal with a windy hair day. Water is capable of keeping your bob hair in shape again after being ruffled by strong wind. All you need is wet your hands then put them on each lock of bob hair from the roots to the ends. It is remarkable for you to curl your wet ends inward with your hands. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that this is just a temporary solution.

tangled hair on windy days 1

Apply detangling hair lotion

Addition to lipstick, powder box, mascara, eyebrow pencil, oil absorbent papers and small mirror, hair lotion is also an indispensable item in any woman’s handbags. Because it is really helpful in helping you to fix tangled hair. Not only does hair lotion instantly remove tangles but it also conditions and softens your natural hair, restores moisture and prevents hair breakage. The usage is quite simple. Apply hair lotion on your tangled hair. It will be surely in shape soon and become smooth again.

BEEQUEENHAIR hopes that with three tips above, you will have beautiful bob hair for a romantic date or an effective working day without having to worry about the effects of the wind.


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