Colored hair bundles for extensions: Beautify your life in your own ways

Colored Bundles And Closure
Colored Bundles And Closure

Your hair is not voluminous and you are afraid that you could harm your hair by dyeing it? Having your hair extensions using colored hair bundles is to kill two birds with one stone. Even if you have a new color hair with your hair extensions today, you could easily change it tomorrow. Life should be that easy. How? We would like to tell you why you need colored hair bundles in your life.

Colored Hair
Galaxy Hair

Will you need more than just colored hair bundles?

For your easy imagination, a hair bundle (or weave hair bundle) is a wefted hairpiece which is 10″ – 32″ long and weighs 100 grams, standardly. If you could contact a reliable provider, you could offer some bundles whose length is out of that range.

Colored Hair Bundles
Colored Hair Bundles

If you want to change your natural hair color, you will buy some hair bundles with your favorite color. You can sew or stick the bundles alternately with your natural hair if you are sure that the different colors could harmonize with each other.

Colored Bundles And 360 Frontal
Colored Bundles And 360 Frontal

Otherwise, you will have to make braids of your natural hair and hide them under hair extensions as it is weird to let your original hair and those colored hair bundles all shown on your head. You need more than just colored hair bundles by combining them with either a 4×4” closure, an ear-to-ear frontal or a 360 frontal.

Colored Bundles And Closure
Colored Bundles And Closure

A 4×4” closure and an ear-to-ear frontal (13×4”) shall cover the top of your head and just kiss your forehead. In contrast, a 360 frontal looks like a full wig without the middle. Some bundles will be sewn in to cover the rest area for a perfectly new appearance.

Colored Bundles And Frontal
Colored Bundles And Frontal

Make sure the colored hair bundles origin is reliable

It is your own choice to choose either synthetic hair or human natural hair for your extensions.

Synthetic hair is made from man-made polymers as well as plastics. Like natural human hair, synthetic hair is also formed from polymers. Hence it looks similar to natural hair from a far distance.

Human hair materials could be divided into 3 types: Non – Remy, Remy and Virgin hair which are listed in ascending quality and price order.

Non – Remy materials are from various sources like hair salons or random suppliers. The hair locks are not in the same direction, making them easy to get tangle and uneven color when dyed.

Remy hair materials are collected from some human heads and not yet processed or styled before. With all the strands in the same direction, you could easily bleach, style and dye the hair to fulfill your desire. However, as from more than one human head, the strands will be of different texture and characteristics. Therefore, it is hard to have a completely even color in a hairpiece.

Virgin hair is the best hair material you could know as it is from one human head. It possesses all the advantages of Remy hair, plus having perfectly even color when dyed.

Remy hair is recommended for girls who want high – quality and affordable products.

Most popular hair products originate from Brazil, Europe and some Asian countries like China and Vietnam, etc. Make sure you find a reliable provider to have your desirable hairpieces.

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In case you are not sure what color to pick

Colored Hair Extensions
Colored Hair Extensions

It is sometimes hard to choose a hair color that satisfies both your skin tone and your personality.

Generally speaking, if you have a cool skin tone, then you likely look good with light and hot colors like blue, pink, green, red, etc. If you prefer warm colors of hair, just give it a try since cool skin tone usually goes well with various hair colors.

On the other hand, if your skin is of warm tone, then yellow, peachy, or golden color should be recommended for you.

In case you own a neutral skin tone, both warm and cool tones may fit you well. If you wish to choose a cool color of hair, make sure that it should not be too bright.

For a perfect appearance with your colored hair extensions, you would better pick suitable jewelry and outfit. For example, silver jewelry highly goes well with for cool skin tone, while you should beautify yourself with gold jewelry if you have a warm skin tone.

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Why are colored hair bundles worth a try?

As we mentioned at the very beginning, colored hair bundles help you change up your hair instantly and help you avoid dyeing your natural hair.

Hair extensions using hair bundles are extremely popular as of reasonable cost and simple application. In addition, you could freely try numerous hairstyles as it is flexible to use your hair bundles than a full wig.

Now you could add hair extensions with colored hair bundles to your list “Tips to color my life” and we bet it must be one of the simplest tips ever.


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