What Do You Need To Know About Coarse Hair?

Coarse Hair

Do you know anything about coarse hair? Coarse hair sometimes causes many troubles for us. Although it is very strong and rarely breaks, its roughness can make you uncomfortable. So today, find out more details about coarse hair with Luxshinehair.

Coarse Hair

1. What Is Coarse Hair?

What does coarse hair mean? Firstly, you need to know what coarse hair is. The typical feature of coarse hair strands is its wide diameter. Compared with other hair types, the coarse hair has the widest diameter of the strands. That is the reason why you can find it very strong and rough to touch. Different from thick hair that usually refers to density of strands, coarse hair is understood as the actual width of each strand.

Hair Width Examples

In term of coarse textures, it can be straight, wavy, curly or even kinky-curly. Having coarse hair doesn’t mean you are always prone to get frizz or unmanageable locks. Besides, if you know how to take care of it, you will not meet troubles with your coarse hair.

Coarse Hair Texture

2. What Are Downsides If You Have Coarse Hair?

As mentioned above, coarse hair is very strong so that it can give more chances to style numerous hairstyles and changes. However, a coin has two sides. There are some disadvantages you might meet with coarse hair. For example, your hair could be dryer because a coarse hair strand has three layers including the cortex, cuticle, and medulla, which makes moisture hard to penetrate into. In addition, you are more likely to get frizzy than others and your strands seem very stubborn.

Downsides of Coarse Hair

3. What Are Cause of Coarse Hair?

Do you know what causes of coarse hair are? To be honest, there are some popular reasons that you need to put much thought into. It is the fact that some people have coarse hair owing to their genes. But, if your hair is normal and one day you realize it is getting coarser and coarser, it might be because of your heath and the ways you treat your hair. Below are some reasons of this problem.

Calcium Insufficiency

As a matter of fact, calcium is indispensable for the circulation of blood. Therefore, if your body lacks calcium, it does not only affect your own health but also your hair since the deficiency of calcium can lead to hair texture ruined and cause hair fall. That is the reason why you need to make sure that the amount of calcium absorbed into your body is adequate.

Calcium Deficiency

Harsh Chemical Products

Shampoos with sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) is very harmful to your hair. When you use these types of shampoos for a long time, they will get rid of the hair’s necessary moisture, which results in dryness and makes your hair coarse and broken.

Heat Tools Overusing

It is undoubted that using heat tools to style your hair like straighteners or curling irons can strip moisture off your hair. Furthermore, it also cut down the serum secretion, one of the leading reasons for coarse hair.

Stylling Hair With Heat Tools

4. How To Deal With Coarse Hair?

If one day your hair suddenly becomes coarse, it might be a shock. But don’t worry! Everything has its own solution. You can follow some below easy tips to promote the quality and the texture of your hair. Now find out how to make coarse hair soft and silky!

How To Deal With Coarse Hair

Use Right Shampoo and Conditioner

Coarse is often dry and rough so that you need to use right shampoo as well as conditioner to make it softer and smoother. It is recommended to use a sulfate-free or organic shampoo that is considered as one of the best shampoos for coarse hair. Besides, purchase shampoos formulated for coarse hair or those with fatty acids and antioxidants. These products are formulated to add moisture as well as increase shine and softness for hair.

Shampoo And Conditioner For Coarse Hair

Apply a Leave-In Hair Oil

A long with good shampoo and conditioner, you had better take an advantage of a leave-in hair product which provides more moisture and nourishment for your hair. A leave-in hair oil is able to transform dry hair into soft silk and lustrous hair strands.

Reduce Using Heat Tools for Styling

Heat styling is one of the major causes of coarse hair. Therefore, if you want to avoid this problem of hair, limiting use heat tools to style your hair is essential. And always keep in mind applying a heat protectant before styling hair with heat.

Luxshinehair has shown you what you need to know about coarse hair. With useful information as well as simple tips, we hope that you can remove troubles caused by coarse hair and enjoy your day. If you want to know other hair care tips, continue to read our articles. Thanks a lot!


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