Changing your appearance simply


21st century is the time when people especially women try to find their own beauty. There are many modern and convenient methods to become more beautiful and charming. They can lose their weight to look fit in luxury dresses. They can change their whole body thank to the plastic surgery to have a better appearance. Or even, they can change from the small but important detail which is their hair. How to change the hair? They can dye their hair or make different styles which are trendy and fashionable. Below are some basic but popular ways people choose to change their hair.


Black natural hair has its own simple beauty. In some countries such as Vietnam, women love their traditional Vietnam hair in black.  However, remaining that hair color for such a long time can’t be a good idea. Fashion is always changing, and colorful hair can bring the fresh and new look for your face and your appearance as well. So, actually it’s necessary to have some changes on it. Brown instead of black can be a fantastic choice. It’s a neuter color and don’t worry that dying color can damage your hair because you can use conditioner and hair care products to make your hair stronger and healthier

Changing hair style

The second change should be mentioned here is hair style. Like black color, straight hair is considered one of the most basic hair styles. Although straight hair is classic and timeless, it also lacks the texture needed to make it more interesting. This is a common struggle, since straight hair is not so easily manipulated. So it’s time to have some changing. You can have perming hair with a shining color like blonde or red. Others love curly hair to follow the trend. Some people with long straight hair can decide to trim or even cut your hair to look fresher and more energetic

Using hair extension

The last common way is using hair extension. This way can be the most convenient and safest way to make change on your hair. There a lot of hair products on the market and hair extension from human real hair is considered having the best quality. Several famous qualified hair extensions are Vietnam hair or Cambodian hair cut from natural real woman hair with the best quality after careful process systems.  They also have different styles and colors so the customers can choose demand their requirements

With regard to curly hair, there are different lengths but all of them have the same striking features. The color is black and dark brown. Although it is curly, it is still no shedding and tangle free for sure. Especially, by using hot steam to make this Vietnam hair curly, the kind of hair still keeps away from chemicals and quite strong. You can use it at least for a year. Actually, curly hair bears an inimitable romantic and nonchalant flair. So, if you expect to have striking look, this kind of hair is really worth trying.

With different styles and lengths, but all of the Vietnam hair styles apparently have the same features that are cut or made by 100% virgin natural hair of Vietnamese women, no shedding and tangle free. It is easy to bleach or dye and style your hair.


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