Most Breathtaking Highlights For Black Hair For 2019

Black Hair With Brown Highlights

Black hair comes back as a trend nowadays. It can be denied that the dark color brings a sense of mystery that evokes others’ curiosity about you. Black hair looks amazing but adding some outstanding highlights on it will be an interesting idea because it can add a little life to your black tresses. If you are wondering which color of highlights to put on your black hair, don’t miss this post. Today, Luxshinehair will show you the most breathtaking highlights for black hair that help you flatter your hair textures, skin tones as well as your own personality.

Black Hair with Brown Highlights

When it comes to highlights on black hair, we must mention brown, one of the most popular colors used to highlight the black hair. As you can see, brown highlights catch light and create a dimensional and many-sided look. Many girls are crazy about brown highlights on black hair because it helps them be outstanding from the crowd and also easy to maintain. You don’t need to spend too much time to take care of your highlighted hair and have more time to join multi activities.

Black Hair With Brown Highlights

Black Hair with Pink Highlights

This is also considered as one of the best highlights for black hair and loved by a lot of young girls. What a striking hair color is! This look might be better for young confident women or girls who have strong personality and a dynamic life. You can embellish your black hair with the pink highlights for parties with friends or events. This style is suitable to both short and long hair, especially long wavy hair. Pink wavy long locks look like colorful and bright waves flowing softly and smoothly. Who can take their eyes off your impressive hairstyle?

Black Hair With Pink Highlights

Black Hair with Purple Highlights

Are you ready to be brightening and ultraviolet with purple highlights on your black hair? This bold combination will create a unique image for you. The deep purple highlights help put emphasis on your eyes as well as add a feeling of magic to your hair. If you have a white skin tone, this look is perfect to you. Besides, the combo of dark hair and purple highlights is ideal for all hair textures and length. That is the reason why it is no need for you to be worried about adding different shades of purple to your hair to give it more dimension and depth. All you need to do is to highlight your dark hair with purple and be confident to show your own personality.

Black Hair With Purple Highlights

Black Hair with Gray and Silver Highlights

Needless to say, the combination between gray and silver is awesome highlights on natural black hair. The amazing highlights are chosen as a point to value women’s hair and face. As you see, the chic gray and silver highlights can bring a great impression of high fashion, simultaneously brighten your beauty and add life to your dark hair. These are marvelous highlights for black hair that you must try if you are planning to add some special color to your hair.

Black Hair With Gray And Silver Highlights

Black Hair with Blue Highlights

It is not hard to understand why girls fall in love with this style. How amazing it is! There is no word better than “perfect” to describe the look on dark hair because of, as can be seen, how brightening the blue reflect s in the light. This highlight for black hair is also worth trying if you want to renew yourself. The intensity of blue will grab the lights and make a direct impression of attractiveness. In brief, this combination of dark and blue colors is considered as the best way to look subtle and chic at any time.

Black Hair With Blue Highlights

Black Hair with Red Highlights

The red highlights are here to give you a little warmth for upcoming winter. This color gives your dark hair a sexy and fetching finish. To keep the shade always look fresh, you need to revive the red regularly, about every few weeks, with a color booster. What do you think about these highlights on black hair? Are you willing for a positive change?

Black Hair With Red Highlights

Invest in your hair, it is the crown you never take off”- That’s right! With highlights on hair, you don’t need to put any real crown on your head. Because it is exactly the most brightening crown that makes you become a queen and never leave you. If you love any highlights on black hair mentioned above, why don’t you pick one and apply on your hair? Continue to follow our website for more interesting information related to hair! Thanks a lot!


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