How to break through thin hair with natural materials


In order to own smooth and shiny hair, there are so many ways, but the first condition is that you have to be persistent. Then, try one of several remedies with the inexpensive and very safe natural ingredients below.

  • Honey and Aloe

These two simple ingredients are rich in vitamins and nutrients to nourish scalp and hair texture. The method is very easy to perform:

– 3 washed and peeled aloe.

– Grind Aloe Vera with 2 tablespoons of honey.

– Rub on the scalp and hair from the roots, massage gently.

– Wash after 20 minutes with warm water. Make it once a week.

break through thin hair with natural materials 1

Overcoming the thin hair is no longer difficult.

  • Eggs

Eggs are an abundant source of sulfur; they also contain lots of proteins and minerals such as selenium, iodine, phosphorus, iron and zinc. Thus, eggs can make the hair grow extremely effective, especially when combining eggs with olive oil.

How to do:

– Take the whites of an egg and mix with a teaspoon of olive oil.

– Beat to make a thick paste and apply to the entire scalp and hair.

– Hold for 15 to 20 minutes and then rinse with cold water and mild shampoo.

Try to combine eggs with other natural ingredients to achieve the highest efficiency.

  • Coconut oil

break through thin hair with natural materials 2

In the field of hair care, coconut provides a wide range of natural ingredients and conditions that promote hair growth. Coconut milk contains protein, essential fats and minerals such as potassium and iron; using it regularly can reduce hair loss fractures. Coconut oil also contains the same rich ingredients that help to make your hair stronger from the root. Frequent use of coconut oil to massage the scalp has the effect of protecting against hair loss. Drain coconut and mix with some water to squeeze the juice. Apply the specific hair area that you notice thin or bald, for overnight and then in the next morning, rinsing with water.

  • Onion and garlic

The sulfur element, which is abundant in onion and garlic, increases the production of collagen, which helps hair grow. This is the reason why garlic and onions are often used in traditional medicine to stimulate hair growth. Cut the onion into small pieces and squeeze the juice out. Apply to scalp and leave for about 15 minutes; then rinse with mild shampoo. Stir in some garlic, add some coconut oil and boil for a few minutes. When touching the mixture is slightly warm, to the scalp and massage gently. Repeat this procedure 2-3 times a week for best results.

  • Green tea

break through thin hair with natural materials 3

Many studies have shown that scrubbing green tea in hair can help reduce hair loss. What you need to do is mix two green tea bags in a glass of water, let it cool and then apply the tea on your hair. Rinse your hair after an hour. To see results, practice regularly in a week to ten days.

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