Trenddy Blunt Cut Bob For The Upcoming Winter

Blunt Cut Bobs

Winter is coming! If you are seeking for a hairstyle that is long enough to fly in the wind and not too short to mix with pretty accessories, blunt cut bob is a perfect choice for you. Blunt bob is quite similar to a variety of girls recently for its strong points. For example, it is easy to create different gorgeous styles and not time-consuming for caring. Blunt cut bob will make you look so young and active to brighten anywhere you are.

Blunt Cut Bobs

If you still don’t believe in the power of blunt bob hair, look at the list of gorgeous hairstyles of blunt bob that Luxshinehair will show you now. Refresh yourself with a striking one for the upcoming winter!

Platinum/Blonde Blunt Bob

Blonde Blunt Bob

To be honest, blunt bob is a hairstyle symbolic of rebellious personality inside each girl. That is the reason why there are lots of incredibly beautiful variations with the blunt bob hair. Take platinum or blonde bob as a typical example. It doesn’t mean that black blunt bob is not gorgeous, but in term of outstanding and attractive aspect, nothing can surpass the blonde and platinum hair. These are also considered the coolest colors in the hair color chart.

Platinum Blunt Bob

In brief, the platinum/blonde blunt bob cut creates a feeling about a girl who is strong, latently rebellious and of course still stylish.

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Shaggy Blunt Bob

Shaggy Blunt Bob

Maybe girls can understand why French Women take at least 2 hours each morning to stand in front of a mirror for an only duty: ruffling hair. Because that messy style really looks sexy and attractive to some extent.

Cool Shaggy Blunt Bob

This hair style sounds quite easy but it requires lot of time and patience to get an impeccable look. Try to walk down streets with the sexy shaggy blunt bob, you must attract all attention of other people who you meet by accident.

Straight Blunt Bob

Straight Blonde Blunt Bob

If you are fond of straight blunt bob, just cut your hair short and dye it with bright colors. This is a great idea for girls who don’t love regular lightly curly blunt bob styles. This hairdo, along with some items like glasses or a leather jacket, will make you look like a fashionista.

Dark Straight Blunt Bob

Although you don’t dye your hair with bright colors, the blunt bob hairstyle still gives you a surprisingly charming beauty. In a nutshell, straight short blunt cut bob is a must-try choice for girls who are finding a very different look.

Blunt Cut Bob with Bangs

Blunt Cut Bob With Bangs

The girl who has a blunt bob and fringe or blunt bangs always looks young, active and agile in any situations, which other hairstyles can’t bring about. A small tip is that you had better cut your bangs over your eyebrows about 1-2 cm if you want to get a much younger and cuter appearance. Let blunt cut bob with bangs turn you into a lovely girl in boys’ eyes.

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Blunt Cut Bob Middle Part

Blunt Cut Bob Middle Part

If you like a simple-but-beautiful short hairstyle, blunt cut bob parted at the center is an ideal option. This haircut looks so simple but its beautifying effect is beyond expectation.

Blunt Bob with Beach Waves

This is another blunt bob cut that girls shouldn’t ignore. Pretty waves on blunt bob promise to change your look in a positive way. Be confident to rock this haircut and hang out on streets with your friends in a nice day!

Blunt Bob With Beach Waves

In short, blunt cut bob can fit all face shapes as well as make-up styles. No matter how thin or thick, curly or straight your hair is, blunt bob still makes a wonder. It is not difficult to understand why many well-known celebrities are bewitched with this sexy and latently rebellious bob.

Luxshinehair has shown you the most striking blunt cut bob hairstyles that steal the hearts of lots of women. Which hairdo are you interested in? If you have chosen the most suitable one for yourself, don’t hesitate to renew your look with a new short cut to welcome a meaningful winter. There are many beautiful short hairstyles that you can know via different articles on our website like Short Haircuts for Round Face or Short Hairstyles for Black Women. Don’t miss it! Thanks a lot for your reading!


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