The best solutions when your hair does not listen to you


Have an unscheduled appointment at the first hour, and you have no time to take care of your hair? In the following, you will find some solutions to the problems that your hair puts when you expect less.

Dizzy hair after sleep

best solutions when your hair 1

It happens most often after having slept with wet or incomplete dry hair extension. Sometimes you look like you’ve struggled with someone in your sleep … if you have long hair the solution is relatively simple – you can braid your hair or you can catch it in the queue or in the hump. But if your hair is short, the situation gets a little complicated. Comb him with a wet comb. If this solution does not work, use a water spray and then apply very little hair gel. Dry with a damp brush and low fever.

Not straight or wavy

best solutions when your hair 2

Is your hair extension hard to control and opposes hair styling? A bent can get you out of the mess. Whether you are choosing a knot or a braided quail, your hair will look neat and perhaps even ordered. In this case, it’s suitable for long hair or medium hair.

Hair petite by the cap

best solutions when your hair 3

In the cold season, many of us avoid wearing hats or hats for fearless appearance. Here the solution is how it cannot be simpler: before you put your hat, modify your path, choosing either the opposite side of the head or the middle. Once you have put down your hat, you can go back to the usual path and your hair will not look devoid of volume.

Electrified hair

best solutions when your hair 4

The electrified hair needs little attention immediately after washing, and if it is dry it must be moistened with a little water. The best products to apply to wet hair when it tends to electrify are water-based or medium-to-low-strength hair gels or dried oils such as argan oil. The oils are applied in very small quantities and they are warmed well in the palms before they are put on the virgin hair extension.

Non-volume hair

best solutions when your hair 5

If the dry shampoo or the changing of the path is not a solution for you, then you need a long comb and a fixative with little fixation power because tapping can be a solution for you. It may seem like a bit tough solution, but you will see that it is an effective one. You do not have to stick more than 2-3 centimeters to the roots because the hair can look like … a mushroom, especially after a few hours when you are already involved in the day’s business and forget to check how it is.

Sometime your hair doesn’t listen to you. It wastes plenty of time to find the fast solution for your hair, in particular in the bad weather or when you have a primary event or party. And why you don’t come to Vietnamese hair company, we will supply the best hair for you and you will never mind about the bad hair. We promise to make you fabulous with our hair!


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