Best hair color for skin tone chart

Cool Red For Fair Cool Skin With Red Undertones
Cool Red For Fair Cool Skin With Red Undertones

You are aspiring to a new hair color instead of traditional dark color to change yourself but still don’t know which hair color is really suitable to you. So, have you ever wondered why a hair color doesn’t completely suit yourself but looks so amazing to another person? It is explained that each type of skin tones will work with different hair colors. The key to choose a gorgeous color for you lies in which kind your skin tone belongs to. When you know exactly about your skin tone, everything will become easier so much for you to choose a color that can complement your complexion. Today, we want to show you the best hair color for skin tone chart, which can assist you in choosing a right hair color. Let find out right away!

the best hair color for skin tone chart

Figure out which type of your skin tone is

The first and most important thing you need to do is to determine your skin tone. Whether it is warm, cool or neutral? We advise you to check the veins in wrist and hand as well. In case your veins look purple and blue, it means that you possess cool undertones. Meanwhile, if you see the veins greenish, you own warm undertones.

What about neutral color? If it is difficult for you to figure out the shade of the veins, your tone skin is likely neutral, which make it easier for you to choose the hair color. As a matter of fact, the neutral color seems suitable to almost the shades you will show below. So, how lucky it is to have a neutral undertone! However, if your skin tone belongs to warm or cool, read carefully information below to help you know exactly which color is the best for you.

Now that you have a deep comprehension on your skin tone, find out further various hair colors below to give you the greatest choices.

1. Warm blonde for cool skin with blue undertones

It is advised that you should pick up gold, honey, butterscotch, caramel or amber to dye your hair if you have cool and fair skin shade, together with blue undertones. But, if you own a warm skin tone, you mustn’t use warm blonde for your hair because it can cause an unexpected result when making you so sallow. You need to pay special attention to using toner usually to preventing your color from becoming brassy. In addition, warm blonde also suits other kinds of skin like olive, neutral or deep undertones.

warm blonde for cool skin with blue undertones

2. Cool blonde for cool skin with reddy undertones

Consisting of several shades such as ice, champagne, silver and platinum, cool blonde looks amazing to people having cool skin along with reddish undertones. As explained by Chelsey Pickthorn, who is the owner of Pickthorn Salon, those icy shades of cool blonde is able to counteract the redness in your skin. If you make a decision to color your hair with one of the above-mentioned shades, it is essential for you to use conditioner and a purple shampoo to maintain the color.

cool blonde for cool skin with reddy undertones

3. Warm red for neutral skin undertones

Warm red includes amber, rust, copper or strawberry shades, which work with those who have neutral undertones in fair skin. Remember to use kinds of shampoo specialized in dyed hair and limit washing to keep your hair color strong.

warm red for neutral skin undertones

4. Cool red for fair cool skin with red undertones

Containing some shades namely burgundy, true red or auburn, it is fantastic to mix cool red with the ruddy undertones in fair cool skin. In case you own a deep skin, choose a cool auburn instead of warm red, because of the fact that your skin can become greenish when using warmer red shade.

cool red for fair cool skin with red undertones

5. Warm black for medium or fair skin with cool undertones

If you have a medium or fair skin with cool undertones, why you don’t try warm black shades like cocoa, brown-black or mocha? What’s more, you also can color your hair with cocoa or mocha if your skin is deep skin.

warm black for medium or fair skin with cool undertones

Colored hair extensions

6. Cool black for warm undertones

You have skin with warm undertones and you are wondering which color is great to your hair, try cool black right now. You can choose any colors in this list from true black, licorice, blue-black to espresso. These cooler shades can take the fair or olive skin yellowish but for those who have deep skin, it is a wonderful choice no matter what your undertone is.

cool black for warm undertones

7. Warm brown for medium skin with warm undertones

There are some shades you can pick up when deciding to choose warm brown for your medium skin like honey, mahogany, cinnamon, amber, or golden brown.  Pickthorn said that “Caramel browns fit best with skin tones on the lighter side of olive, with a bit more yellow and green tones to them.”

warm brown for medium skin with warm undertones

8. Cool brown for warm undertones

Although you have fair or deep skin, especially with yellow undertones, cool brown shades like mocha, dark auburn, chestnut, or dark chocolate will help to brighten your skin color up. So, there is no reason for you to refusing use these shades when you possess skin with warm undertones.

cool brown for warm undertonesLuxshinehair has introduced hair color for skin tone chart that may be helpful to you. We believe that with our above sharing, you can be more confident to choose hair color that makes your beauty stand out.


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