Best Hair Color For Dark Skin Tones

Ash Grey Hair Color For Dark Skin Best Hair Color 2017 Unique Dark Skin White Hair

When it comes to hair color for dark skin, there is an unlimited list for you to choose. So just experiment at least one of them to flaunt your flawless skin and discover how beautiful you are. Below are some stunning hair color for women with dark skin tone that Luxshinehair wants to introduce to you today. Let find out a new hue for your hair!

Ash Grey Hair Color For Dark Skin Best Hair Color 2017 Unique Dark Skin White Hair

Red Hair Color for Dark Skin

If you are wondering which hair color fits your dark skin, try red color. It is undoubted that red hair color appears amazing on dark skin. A lot of girls with dark skin tone are crazy about this color because it gives a fantastic contrast with their skin hue as well as makes hair look shinier. There are some popular shades of red you can apply if you have dark skin. For example, dark red including burgundy, cherry or dark auburn colors that help complement the skin. Besides, you can also add red highlights or red ombre on your black hair that get on well with dark skin tones. In brief, red hair color for dark skin is excellent so that you should not miss this interesting hair color.

Red Hair Color For Dark Skin

Classic Black for Dark Skin

Maybe black doesn’t appear in your mind first when it comes to best hair color for dark skin. But, in fact, the combination between the black color and dark skin, especially brown skin, results in a surprising effect. This color is exactly what you would like to rock in summer because, under the sun, the super dark hair shade even shines more glowing and make you become a star catching all attention of people.

Classic Black For Dark Skin

Brown Hair Color for Dark Skin

As a matter of fact, brown hair is one of the best hair color ideas for dark skin women. There are a variety of brown shades for you to choose so that you will feel excited about this color. Some of them that we must mention are honey, bronze, coffee, espresso, golden, ash, reddish caramel brown and so on. These brown colors really work will on dark skin tone and require less maintenance. It aids in make your hair brightening and natural.

Brown Hair Color For Dark Skin

Rainbow Color for Dark Skin

Rainbow is an interesting hair color for dark skin African American that you can try if your skin hue is dark. In case you don’t like too many colors, just choose some of them to rock on your hair. For instance, combining the cool blue and purple shade together will create an attractive hairstyle. The rainbow hair color for dark skin is perfect for you to go out to join summer festivals as well as to get compliments of people around.

Rainbow Color For Dark Skin

Icy Lavender for Dark Skin

Another hair color for dark skin is icy lavender. If you have dark skin with green undertones, the shade of icy lavender would be perfect color to complement your appearance. This hair color looks perfect on short hair like pixie. That is the reason why you can renew yourself with a very short hair colored with the icy lavender.

Icy Lavender For Dark Skin

Peachy Pastel Pink for Dark Skin

Do you love pink? You are looking for a hair color for this winter that is not only shinny but also suits your dark skin. The peachy pastel pink is an answer for you. This color is also considered as the best hair color for dark skin tone, especially light brown skin with warm undertones. This will be the perfect combination for you this year.

Peachy Pastel Pink For Dark Skin

Dark Blue Color for Dark Skin

Winter is coming. Do you find the new color for your hair that is both dramatic and moody to rock in this winter? If not, the dark blue color might be what you are lusting after. Needless to say, this dynamic hair shade is extremely suitable for those with dark skin tone and provides you with the perfect frame to fulfill your features.

Dark Blue Color For Dark Skin

Luxshinehair has shown you the trendiest hair colors for dark skin that you can apply at all time. Don’t worry that dark skin is hard to mix with colored hair because you have a number of choices to try. Above are just some of the most popular colors you are able to opt for to get a new look and complement your dark skin. If you want to learn more about other colors as well as beautiful hairstyles, don’t miss our articles. Thanks for your reading!


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