Are Curly Hair Bundles Easy to Apply and Keep in Good Shape?

Curly Hair Bundles
Curly Hair Bundles

You love gorgeous curly hairstyles like a celeb but your natural hair is not thick and beautiful enough? Hair extensions using curly hair bundles could help you constantly change up your look in an unpredictable way. We know you may wonder if those hair pieces are easy to apply and keep in good shape. Hence, just spend time with us figuring out your own answers.

Curly Hair Bundles
Curly Hair Bundles

How will you use curly bundles properly?

Using no more than just curly bundles for an amazing look

Hair bundle (or also called as weft hair bundles or weave hair bundles) is a single wefted hair piece which weighs 100 grams in general. A bundle’s standard length is commonly 10″ – 32″; however, you could see weave hair bundles whose length is out of this range, depending on the users’ variable demand.

To make weave hair bundles as chains of hair, all strands in a bundle are perfectly fixed by a weft at which you will sew in or stick into your head.

Using just curly hair bundles for your hair extensions means that you will make alternate layers of your natural hair and weave hair bundles. Therefore, your original hair will be seen together with the curly hair extensions, requiring the original one should be of the similar texture (also curly) or is properly short but has curly tail.

If your original hair is straight, there is another option which is to buy straight hair bundles and make curls later together with your natural strands.

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Curly bundles with closure

Curly Bundles With Closure
Curly Bundles With Closure

A hair closure is square piece of hair locks joined on a lace or a silk whose standard size is 4×4”. If you wish to have a hair closure with different size, it is possible if you can contact your reliable provider.

To be simply explained, if you want to combine curly bundles with closure for your hair extensions, you will need to make braids of your natural strands and fixed them to your scalp. The closure then is sewn in the middle of your head or a little deviating to right or left side to perfectly hide the boundary between your natural hair and your forehead.

The curly hair bundles will be used to cover the rest area. The number of bundles you will need for your new hair extensions is recommend 3 or 4. It, of course, is variable depending on your demand of thickness and your planned hairstyles you will have, etc.

Combination of curly bundles with frontal

Curly Frontal
Curly Frontal

A hair frontal has the same components as a closure but its size is bigger (13×4” standardly). A frontal spreads from ear to ear and generally goes well with 2 or 3 weave bundles.

A frontal is over 3 times larger than a standard closure, then it require less weft hair bundles than a closure does. Furthermore, you could part your hair everywhere you wish, that gives flexible stylings.

The way you apply curly bundles with closure and curly bundles with frontal are really close to each other. Many girls do it themselves at home and it takes about a few hours. Otherwise, you could go to a salon for your first times of application then learn to do it yourself the other times.

360 frontal and bundles

Curly Bundles With 360 Frontal
Curly Bundles With 360 Frontal

360 lace frontal looks like a complete headband made from hair looks with some small clasps in the back. The number 360 suggests that the hair line will go follow a circle around your head. The empty middle area shall be covered by some weave hair bundles.

You can easily and fast position this complete circle frontal on your natural braids base. It covers most of your head area, hence, requires less weft hair bundles and less time to apply.

How to keep your curly extensions in good shape?

As your hair extensions are no longer nourished with nutrients from a body, they need more than normal shampoo and conditioners. You would better use neutralizing shampoo to stop chemicals on your hair locks. Leave the conditioner longer in your hair for the best absorbance. To make your curly hair bundles soft and shiny, you are advised to apply some natural hair masks at home.

Your hair cannot speak, but it can feel. It hates high temperature from both water and air. You should try to wash your hair with cool or cold water not to damage your vulnerable strands. Besides, you can use natural cool wind to dry your hair after that or set your hairdryer at cool air setting. Hair styling tools such as curling irons could work well at low or medium heat, so there is no need for your hair to suffer from high heat.

You should also use a satin pillow and tie up your hair when sleeping not to disturb it. More useful tips to enhance and protect your curly hair extensions could be found here.

Now you must be better aware of curly hair bundles’ use and care tips. Those information hopefully explained why curly weave bundles are widely used in the world. Keep in touch with us as we would like to share more hair care and hairstyles topics.


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