An Overview About Weave Hair Extensions

Human Hair Weave

Nowadays, there are many types of hair extensions that are loved by almost women at all ages. And weave hair is the first name we must mention. So, what do you know about this product? Today, I will show you some general information about hair weave extensions if you are planning to purchase them to get a new look.

Hair Weave Extensions

1. What Are Hair Weave Extensions?

The first thing that needs to be known is “what is a hair weave”. Actually, weaves have become familiar with a variety of women nowadays. This is a hair extension method in which hair wefts are often sewn into braided real hair to add thickness, volume and length for your natural hair. Besides sewing, people can also install weave hair by gluing or clipping methods. In addition, a hair weave not only has the above-mentioned functions but it is also undetectable, giving you a very natural look. So, it is hard for others to recognize that you are wearing hair extensions.

What Hair Weave Extensions Are

You can use hair weave for thin hair to increase the thickness as well as enhance the beauty to your hair. To be honest, these hair extensions are favored by almost females in many countries, especially African American people. This is the best way to get better hairstyles that help you become more confident in any daily circumstances.

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Hair Weave Extension Before And After

2. Types of Hair Weaves

There are two main types of weaves on the market nowadays namely synthetic and human hair weave extensions. Now, find out pros and cons of both of them to decide which kind is more suitable to you. Let start!

Types Of Hair Weaves

Human Hair Weave

It means that they are made from 100% human hair. Therefore, human hair weave extensions look completely like your natural hair because the hair is so soft, smooth and shiny. With this product, you can feel free to style and treat it as the way you make with your real hair. It is possible for you to use heat tools like straighteners, curlers, etc. to style the human weave hair. But don’t overuse and give it a good care and love if you want to your extensions last longer.

Human Hair Weave

Coloring is what you are also able to do with human weave. Because these products are made from totally human hair, they can be dyed with any colors. You can do this by yourself or purchase available colored hair weave extensions. There are many suppliers offering hair extensions that are dyed according to the requirements of customers.

In general, human hair weave extensions are quite expensive. But what you can get is valuable form these products.

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Synthetic Hair Weave

Different from human hair, synthetic hair weave products seems cheaper and are not affected by environmental elements. They are created from artificial fibers that are quite familiar with human hair. So, it can also give you a quite natural look because the difference is so small.

However, one of the disadvantages of this type of weave is that it is melted when you use heat tools. Therefore, avoid heat styling. If not, you can cause a lot of serious damage to your extensions. In addition, the lifespan of synthetic weave is also shorter, compared with human hair products, just about 1-3 months. Meanwhile, human weave can last up to 1 year. Last but not, when using synthetic extensions, you cannot dye them.

In short, above are some big different between two types of hair weave. Which is your favorite one?

3. Where To Buy Best Human Hair Weave Extensions?

Human Hair Weave Of Luxshinehair

Do you know what best human hair weave brands are? In Vietnam, there are several famous companies and Luxshinehair is one of them. This company always provides customers with high-quality human hair extensions, including weave hair. Their products are manufactured by modern technology and skillful workers. So, you can completely secure about their quality and beauty.

Luxshinehair Weave Hair

All of hair extensions in general and weaves in particular are made from 100% Remy and virgin human hair of Vietnamese women. As we all know, the remy hair is the highest grade human hair. It is collected from the scalp in which the cuticles are kept intact (not affected by chemicals) and always flow in the one direction. Remy human hair weave extensions of Luxshinehair are extremely smooth, soft and strong enough to style and color. This company also offers many human hair weave colors, which gives you tons of choices. Their human weaves are worth trying if you want to have longer and thicker hair.

I hope that the above information is helpful to you. Thanks a lot for your reading! Wish you get your favorite weave hair extension.

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