An Overview About A Quick Weave

A Quick Weave

In term of fashion, hairstyles are as important as clothes and accessories. Many women find hair extensions techniques to get gorgeous hairdos. And a quick weave is one of the most favorite choices of lots of women for its ease and convenience. So, what do you know about quick weaves? Today, I will show you some interesting information about this amazing hair extension method. Are you excited? Let start right now!

A Quick Weave

What Is A Quick Weave?

Do you know what a quick weave is? If not, I will show you the most general definition about this hair extension method. In fact, it is considered as a weaving technique in which wefts are glued to a protective cap. This cap is put on your head before bonding and takes a vital role in keeping your natural hair out of the glue.

What Is A Quick Weave

Like sew-in weave, you need to braid your natural hair in cornrows before putting the cap over the hair. Once secured on the protective cap, each weft should be air-dried or blow-dried to give a great installation. In addition, instead of braiding, your natural hair can be held down by a hardening gel.

Why Should You Apply Quick Weaves?

It can’t be denied that quick weave brings a lot of benefits and convenience for hair extension users. Now, find some reasons why you ought to get this application method.

Quick weave sis a great alternative to the traditional sew-in because it is cheaper and faster. This weaving technique can be completed in about 1.5 hours, much faster than sewing-in. Besides, this method also causes less tension on your natural hair as well as your scalp. Do you know why? For sew-in weaving, your hair will be cornrowed and the hair extensions are directly threaded in to these cornrows. This can lead to some pain and damages to both your hair and scalp and also put a heavy tension on them. Meanwhile, quick weave uses bonding method to keep the hair extensions, instead of directly sewing them into your hair.

The wefts are attached into the cap instead of your natural hair, which makes it easier for you to remove and replace the hair extensions. For this convenience, this method is loved by more and more women nowadays.

Lastly, a quick weave is low maintenance. All you need to do is a daily nighttime wrapping method. You don’t need to put much thought and worry about how maintain hair extensions with this installation.

Why Should You Apply A Quick Weave

Quick weaves will allow you to create many beautiful hairstyles with weaves and promises to change your look positively. With a quick weave, you can freely change your figures with different types of hair extensions from long, short, straight or curly, mixed with a color or even highlights.

Questions About A Quick Weave

1. How long does a quick weave last?

In general, quick weaves can last up to 4 weeks if you take care of it properly. Remember that your natural hair underneath should be washed and conditioned at least once a month.

2. Can I wash my hair when having a quick weave?

Of course, yes. It is highly suggested that you should wash your hair extensions if you don’t want the glue to be loosened or accumulated with the mold, dirt or salt.

3. What is the best hair for quick weave?

Many people wonder which the best hair for a quick weave is. To be honest, human hair is more beloved, in comparison with synthetic hair for some reasons.

Weave hair extensions made from human hair gives a more natural and realistic look although it is more expensive than synthetic hair. So, the human hair is considered as the best hair to make quick weave bob hairstyles.

Weave Hair Extensions Of Luxshinehair

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I have shown you what exactly a quick weave is and why you should apply this method. Hope that this article is helpful to you. Wish you get fantastic hairstyles! Thanks a lot for your reading!


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