Amazing things you should know of 10 inch clip in hair extensions of Luxshinehair

Light Brown Curved Bob

It is undoubtful that bob hair is the style that young girls love the most. Hairstyles are all short but beautiful enough to make impression on other people. However, many women can’t have nice short haircuts because of their thin and weak hair. Don’t worry, you still have a very effective way to have your expecting look. It is using hair extensions, especially 10 inch clip in hair of Luxshinehair.

You must have been suspected of these hair extensions of us, right? If so, let’s stay here and discover all amazing things of 10 inch clip ins right in this article!

Woman With 10 Inch Hair

Description of 10 inch clip in hair extensions of Luxshinehair

When you find for Luxshinehair brand, there will have a lot of things that take you by surprise. We are a big company in hair extensions field in Vietnam with more than 10 years of experience. That is much enough for our company to have a firm position in this field. All hair products of Luxshinehair including 10 inch clip ins are the perfect final products which can give wonderful styles and images.

1.What are 10 inch clip ins of Luxshinehair?

As its name, hair is long about 25 centimeters. Because the length size of hair is quite modest, this is the most suitable for short hairstyles such as bob hair or lob hair. 10 inch clip in hair extensions are basic hair weaves which are attached with specialized hair clips. They can be considered hair products which can be easiest to put in as well as to take off.

There is an important note for you when buying these hair products. The length size of 10 inches is measured when hair is maximally straightened. Thus, if you order hair with other texture such as wavy or curly hair, the length will be a bit shorter. Obviously, you can still get impressive short hairstyles with them.

Hair Length Chart

2.Amazing things of 10 inch clip ins

High quality

Clip in hair extensions with 10 inches are hair extensions with wonderful quality that can take all people by surprise. They are made from 100% natural hair sources of Vietnamese women. Hair is always guaranteed that it is beautiful and strong. You won’t need to worry about unexpected problems such as white hair, frizzy hair or artificial hair inside our high quality products.

We only use remy and virgin hair from trustworthy hair donors so that there will never exist non- remy hair, animal hair and hair bugs. With the close combination between modern technology and skilled workers, these 10 inches always look smooth and shiny naturally without using toxic chemicals.

Clip In Hair

Easy using

Almost us know that Clip in hair extensions are hair products which is perfect for women who want to have new hair appearances immediately without spending too much time and efforts for applying. When using these 10 inches, you can have a completely new look in only some minutes. Hair extensions are easily attached on hair thanks to specialized hair clips. Using them like the way use normal hair clips and then you can easily put them in and take them off anytime you want. Not only they are convenient but they also durable and firm as well.

Easy Using

Beautiful textures

10 inch hair is not long but you can completely have hairstyles which are absolutely beautiful and eye- catching than many others. Commonly, girls and women buy these clips ins with straight textures such as natural straight, kinky straight or yaki straight because they are basic hair textures which can give the most natural look. Moreover, because they give the best length size, you can apply clip ins at high positions on head without worrying that hair will look short and less outstanding.

What Are Clip In Hair Extensions

Obviously, you can completely choose other textures for styles which are a bit rebellious and energetic. For example, styles with wavy hair like body wave, deep wave or water wave make hair become more voluminous and bobbing. They are ideal choices for people who have thin hair. Whereas, curly textures of hair can help you to have the most natural African American hairstyles. They are also extremely useful for women who want to display their personality clearly.

Wavy Clip In Hair Extensions

Styles that womankind often uses with these 10 inch clip ins are diverse from simple bob and lob haircuts to half shaved hair, half up half down hair, etc. Of course, as for sophisticated styles, you need to be careful so as not to reveal traces of clip in hair extensions. It sound difficult but it is not. You can easily control that to have the most attractive appearance.

Diverse colors

You will actually never have to be disappointed about gorgeous hair colors that Luxshinehair’s 10 inches supply to you. Our opinion is making hair extensions which look the most natural so that hair color are also dyed with the most natural shades.

Vietnam hair color is essentially black. It is the most basic tint to create adding shades which look more wonderful. Thus, if you don’t like having black hair, you can choose brighter colors such as shades of brown, blonde and even red.

10 Inch Black Bob

Perhaps, you can feel a bit curious because we don’t meet all demands of hair colors. For example, tints of pink, blue, purple, etc are unavailable. We would like to show you that to have nice hair, girls need to take care of it very carefully and avoid unnecessary chemicals. Thus, if we dye hair with rare and radiant tones, hair will be easy to get damage and breakage. That can do direct effects to hair products, especially hair clip ins. However, you can completely feel secure because our palette is extremely various and impressive that can help hair become as gorgeous as possible.

10 Inch Red Hair

3. Who can wear these hair extensions?

As we have mentioned above, 10 inch clip in hair extensions are very easy and simple to use so that they are popularly used for many different objects. It is no problem if you wear these clip ins just because you want to have a new fresh look for some occasion such as a prom, a meeting or a wedding. Short hairstyles these days are extremely diverse and attractive so that you have dozens of choices with these short clip in hair extensions so as to have a better look.

Stunning Curly Short Hair

Of course, these 10 inches are the most useful for women who have unexpected bad hair problems such as weak hair, thin hair, even hair loss. While using low quality artificial hair extensions cause the worse damages for your hair and scalp, Luxshinehair’s high quality clip ins not only bring the naturalness to hair but also protect hair from outside bad effects such as dirt or chemicals.

Light Brown Curved Bob

More importantly, your bad hair will be replaced with a new appearance which looks thicker, sleeker, smoother and more beautiful. When choosing hair with a suitable hair color and hair texture, you will actually look wonderful.

If you are a businesswoman who always need to appear in front of the others with the neatest image but you don’t have much time to visit hair salon to make hair styles frequently, using clip in extensions with 10 inches is the perfect choice. You don’t need to spend too much time in wearing or removing them. However, you still have a perfect look which can make impression on all other people.

Half Up Short Wavy Hair

Generally, these 10 inches hair extensions are wonderful for every demand of womankind. Moreover, they are 100% made from real human hair, they are always safe and sound.

Some other references

If these 10 inch clip ins are too short or too long comparing to your hair demand, you can find for different choices from Luxshinehair brand. We can supply for you with diverse clip in hair from short length sizes such as 6 inch hair, 8 inch hair to very long length sizes like 30 inch hair, 32 inch hair. Obviously, their textures, colors and standards are also various that can meet every demand of customers all over the world.

Body Wave Hair Clip Ins

Besides, you can also try other hair types of Luxshinehair extensions with 10 inches or any length size you want. For example, bulk hair and weave hair are the most popular and traditional hair extensions of the company. They are specially loved by wholesalers and retailers who need hair with the huge quantity and reasonable price. Besides, tape in hair also attract customers because of its convenience. Whereas, tip hair, lace closure hair, lace frontal hair or wig hair are creative and unique. Each type has its individual strength that makes you feel interested in. Thus, if you care more, let’s visit our Luxshinehair store and website immediately to discover wonderful information about them!

Types Of Keratin Hair

We hope that you will love 10 inch clip in hair extensions of us after reading this article. If you have any demand of hair with any texture, color and length size, let’s contact us. Our wonderful hair extensions and customer services will actually satisfy you.



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