Amazing Things You Need To Know About 360 Frontals

360 Frontals
360 Frontals

Nowadays, there are a lot of hair extensions that are loved by almost women like weaves, tape-in hair, clip-in hair, keratin hair extensions, etc. Among of them, we must mention 360 frontals, one of the easiest and most comfortable hair extension methods. So, what do you know about these amazing hair extensions? Now, explore what it is, what its advantages are and how to apply a 360 frontal in this post. Let start!

360 Frontals
360 Frontals

1. What is a 360 frontal?

When it comes to hair extensions with lace pieces, we often hear about lace frontals or lace closures. In addition, 360 frontal, also called 360 lace frontal or 360 lace frontal wig, is another choice if you are looking for an easier and faster hair extension method.

What Is A 360 Frontal
What Is A 360 Frontal

It is the fact that 360 lace frontal makes your weft installation become much easier. You can achieve a full natural hairline because of special structure of this type of hair extension. Different from a regular lace frontal that is installed only on the front of your head, 360 frontal covers all around the head and just leave a round opening area in the center.

Thanks to the bigger lace piece that gives a better coverage, 360 lace frontal helps save time of installing wefts and simultaneously allow you to have a perfect natural looking. Although this extension is not a full wig, it is still a must-try hair product if you want to save money and installation time as well as your hair problem is not too bad.

2. Advantages of a 360 Frontal

360 lace frontal are favored by a variety of women for its convenience and styles. So, find out more about what the advantages of 360 lace frontals to understand why they are become more and more popular.

Give a natural look

As mentioned above, thanks to a big lace, you can get a realistic hairline when wearing 360 frontal wig. It is perfect and invisible as you want!

Make free styling

With this hair extension, you can feel secure and free to style your hair as the way you want. It is possible for you to make the ponytail hairstyle without worrying about that other people will recognize your secret.

Use less bundles

When using 360 lace frontal wig, you just need 2-3 bundles to get a full installation. To get your desired look, it also requires wefts that match your hair texture.

360 Lace Frontal Wig And Bundles
360 Lace Frontal Wig And Bundles

Save time and effort

You don’t need to spend much time at a hair salon to install 360 lace frontal wig. It is very easy to apply and just takes you about one hour. In addition, the weaving is also quicker because there are fewer wefts as well as bundles are required.

3. How to Install a 360 Frontal

Step 1: Prep Your Hair

Firstly, it is necessary to shampoo and condition your hair as well as 360 lace frontal. Bleaching the knots is also needed unless you are using 360 silk base frontal. Air dry your hair and extensions.

Step 2: Apply the Lace Piece

How To Install A 360 Frontal
How To Install A 360 Frontal

Before installing hair extensions, create hair cornrows to fix your natural hair inside. After that, put the 360 frontal wig over your head so that it can line up with your natural hairline perfectly. Next, it is time for you to sew the lace piece into your hair cornrows to keep this hair extension.

Step 3: Install Hair Weaves

It is known that 360 lace frontal cannot cover all your head. That is the reason why you have to use weave hair extensions to get a complete look. So, the combination between wefts and a 360 frontal will give you a perfect hair appearance.

Wefts are sewn into your hair braids beautifully and firmly. After finishing the sewing step, you need to cut off the excess parts of the lace piece. Finally, leave the hair of the lace frontal down and you can get a very natural look as you want.

What do you think about 360 frontals? Do you like these hair extensions? Human hair 360 lace frontal and bundles are recommended.

Hair Extensions Of Luxshinehair
Hair Extensions Of Luxshinehair

If you want to discover other high-quality hair extensions made from 100 % human hair, come to Luxshinehair. Their great hair products must satisfy you. Wish you get your desired hair extensions to create many beautiful hairstyles. Thanks a lot for your reading!


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