Most Amazing Jennifer Lopez Hair Styles

Jennifer Lopez Hair

As one of the most beloved judges of American Idol, Jennifer Lopez owns a desirable music and acting career. She is also known as a symbol of fashion and “the most beautiful woman on the planet”, elected by The People. Needless to say, Jenifer Lopez always knows to choose the stylish and attractive outfits, which helps her become the center of any events she attends. But, the thing that people can’t forget about this star is her extremely impressive and appealing hairstyles, making her fashion reputation. Now, discover the most stunning Jennifer Lopez hair styles that you can copy to change your look.

Jennifer Lopez Hair

Jennifer Lopez Hairstyles: Straight Hair with Bangs

Straight Hair With Bangs

Jennifer Lopez always looks feminine and charming whenever she appears in big events. One of the popular hairstyles the talent singer wears is straight haircut with bangs. In fact, her oval face shape fits hairdos with bangs so much. As can be seen, this hairstyle give her an independent and energetic look. She opts for light colored ends that help to flaunt a sun-kiss effect for her hair.

Brown Straight Hair With Bangs

Beside, brown is also another choice for her straight hair. She rocks this style and shows her confidence and attractiveness.

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Jennifer Lopez Hairstyles: Loose Bun

If you are finding a gorgeous hairstyle for a formal occasion, look at this picture of Jennifer Lopez. It can’t be denied that many people are impressed with her loose bun style because Jenifer is so pretty and sweet in this look. The messily teased loose bun, along with middle-parted bangs, aids in framing her face shape and flatter her perfect facial features. So, what do you think about this hairstyle of Jennifer? Do you like it?

Pretty Loose Bun

Jennifer Lopez Hairstyles: High Updos

High updos make Jennifer’s face more brightening and outstanding in any situations. In particular, no words can express her beauty when she sports the classic high bun. Although this hairstyle is so simple and popular, Jennifer seems to blow a new wind into this look when appearing with an elegant and stylish beauty. You can be as gorgeous and appealing as her with this simple but chic hairdo.

High Updos

Besides classic bun, Jennifer Lopez makes a lot of eye-catching variations like buns with curls, braided up-do and so on. In short, all of them are so fabulous and fashionable, and especially work well with dresses she wears.

Braided Up Do

Buns With Curls

Jennifer Lopez Hairstyles: Short Curly Hair

No matter hairstyles Jennifer Lopez sports, she always looks so charming and fetching. Take short curly hairstyle as a typical example. The classic style makes her face alluring and sexy, which wins the love of anyone.

Short Curly Hair

If you fall in love with this hairdo of Jennifer, don’t forget to add a lovable bow to embellish your hair. It will help you look more striking in any big parties. In brief, Jennifer Lopez curly hair is what you should consider to try if you want to attract attention of all people in any circumstance.

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Beautiful Short Curly Hair

Jennifer Lopez Hairstyles: Loose Ponytail

The famous judge of American Idol chooses a simple loose ponytail to appear in front of media. However, this hairstyle doesn’t overshadow her beauty. In other hands, it brings her an elegant and chic look that is enough for her to steal the show. Do you like Jennifer Lopez hair color? Her golden stresses are teased back into a pretty low ponytail with some curls at the ends. How radiant she is in this simple style!

Loose Ponytail

Jennifer Lopez Hairstyles: Length-shoulder Straight Hair

It appears that Jennifer looks gentler and softer but still stylish in the short straight hair, compared with other hairstyles she has worn. Specially, she choose to dye her short hair with the blonde hair color that makes her much younger. It must say that Jennifer always gorgeous and graceful no matter which hairstyles she makes.

Length Shoulder Straight Hair

Jennifer Lopez has never made her fans disappointed with her fashion, especially her striking hairstyles. Luxshinehair has shown you some of the most stylish and appealing hairdos of Jennifer that can won the love of anyone. Which her style are you interested in? Why don’t you try them to renew yourself? If you want to find out more about hairstyles of other celebrities, continue to follow our website!


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