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In the past, there are many people who like long hair because they can make a lot of hairstyles and long hair is a symbol of Vietnamese women. Nowadays, in the modern life, hairstylists study to create a lot of new hairstyles with long hair. However, taking care of long hair is not an easy thing. Therefore, besides advantages, it also has disadvantages. Today, Luxshinehair will show you the most surprising hair care advice for long hair.

Pros and Cons of Having Long Hair

PROS of Having Long Hair

– You can do many hairstyles like low ponytails, updo hairstyles, even crazy hairstyles because it’s versatile.

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– In winter, it can keep you warm. The long hair can cover your neck, even you can use it as a blanket on your face, neck and upper body. Long hair can be a lifesaver in your winter.

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– The main pro of having long hair is that it makes you feel confident among the crowd.

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CONS of Having Long Hair

– If there is any wind, your hair will get in your face and it will stick to your lip stick. You hair will get tangled up until you look like to have a rats nest on your head. Honestly, it’s really not cute.

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– If you have short hair, you can take showers and hair brush easily. In contrast, you have to spend so much time on washing it. Washing your hair is a process, you need to apply shampoo, wash out and dry it. You can loose many strands of hair that fall out in the process and get stuck on your shower and plug your drain.

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– There’s something that happens when you close a car door.

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– It makes the young even look younger and the old even look older.

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How to Take Care of Long Hair

In this blog post, we share some tips for looking after your long hair. With these tips, your hair is much more likely to be beautifully strong and healthy.

1. Use The Right Hair Brush

Using a right hair brush plays an important role in taking care of long hair because it helps smooth the hair shaft, minimize any breakage. Your hair doesn’t get caught any knots, leaving the hair smooth and silky without pulling out hair strands.

Start to brush at the ends of the hair. This ensures the roots put no pressure, minimizing damage. You should use a wide-tooth comb when your hair is wet because brushing the wet hair can cause a lot of damage.

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2. Try Not To Over-Wash Your Hair

You don’t have to have shampoo daily. Your hair and scalp’s natural oils are designed to protect and condition your tresses, so when you shampoo daily, it strips these vital oils away. To keep your hair healthy, you only need to wash two to three times a week. Invest a good natural dry shampoo to help tide you over until your next wash.

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3. Use a Low-Heat Tool for Hair Drying

One of the worst things you can do for your hair is to overheat it with excessive blow-drying. If you want to avoid dry and damaged locks, you should rein how often you use a hairdryer or pay attention to how you’re using it. Don’t forget to apply heat protection products before drying your hair. Keep the dryer at a distance from your hair, ideally keep the hairdryer nozzle two inches away from the strands. However, I think the best thing you should do to care your long hair is to air dry your hair frequently, it can help you to prevent the negative effects of heat damage.

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4. Leave The Harsh Chemicals Behind

Your hair has a better chance at looking thick, healthy and shiny if you completely forget to use chemicals. If you can’t give up your bleached blonde or bright blue locks, make sure to regularly use deep conditioner along with a good leave-in.

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5. Get Regular Trims

Getting a new haircut also happens to be a way to add volume and body to your long hair. Layers are a universally flattering way to add movement to long hair while still keeping your length.

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6. Use Moisturizing Hair Care Products

To keep your locks hydrated and healthy, reach for a moisturizing system of shampoo and conditioner. Once or twice a week, swap out your regular conditioner for a deep conditioning treatment.

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We have share some tips to look after long hair, hope that they’re useful information for you. If you want to have long hair with different textures but not change your natural long hair, follow our website to own a new beautiful hairstyle.



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