All things you should know of good 30 inch clip in hair extensions

Good Long Hair

As for every woman, having long and nice hair is always a wonderful thing that makes them feel more self- confident. However, raising long hair is absolutely not easy. Modern girls often change their appearance with diverse hairstyles so that they can rarely keep original hair for a long time.

In these cases, using 30 inch clip in hair extensions is the best choice. Not only are they long impressively but also convenient for applying. How are they useful? Let’s check them out right in this article!

Long Clip In Hair Extensions

1.What is 30 inch clip in hair?

If you are a woman who often use hair extensions, this is completely not a new perception. Hair brands in the world make hair products with the ideal 30 inch length size to help the owner to have an attractive look without bringing hair up for years.

With the length of over 75 centimeters, hair can reach your bottom. Obviously it is for straight hair. If you order other hair textures, let’s make sure that you don’t misunderstand about the concept of hair length. Styled hair looks a bit shorter than straight hair but they can still display perfect long hairstyles that millions of women wish.

There are many types of hair extensions but clip in hair is one of the most popular types used on real hair. Hair clip ins are specially designed to be applied in hair simply and quickly. Thus, they are loved by most women all over the world.

Clip in hair extensions with 30 inches have enough impressive features to attract women’s attention as well as help them to have the most beautiful appearance.

30 Inch Clip In Hair

2. How to choose 30 inch hair clip ins?

The global market of hair extensions these days is very big and various. It is not difficult to find for 30 inch hair clip ins. However, to choose the right one is not easy. They need to meet demands of the suitability, beauty, quality and also price. Let’s read this part carefully to have necessary information when buying these hair products!

The suitability

No one wants to buy products which are not suitable with their demands. Especially when you order hair extensions, this thing needs to be noticed more. For example, you buy 30 inch clip ins with blonde color while your real hair is black or you choose artificial hair products which completely do not match your hair, etc. That is so ridiculous! Thus, the suitability is really important for you to find out good hair extensions as well as help your appearance become the most charming.

Real Human Hair

Real human hair extensions are exactly the perfect choice for you when buying other’s hair. Because they are also real hair, they give wonderful and natural effects that synthetic hair can’t do. Hair dye on real hair is also look brighter and more beautiful.

The quality

When you buy good real human hair extensions, you don’t need to worry about the quality of them. Real hair is always natural, smooth and fragrant. Different from fake products which are made with toxic chemicals, real human hair products are cleaned and processed carefully to give the best and safest final products. Obviously, problems of bad hair, non- remy hair and hair bugs will not happen.

Apart from the impressive quality of hair, the good quality of clip in is also the feature that customers need to take care. Good hair extensions with 30 inches are attached to specialized hair clips which help hair extensions to be fixed on hair in the easiest way. Almost these hair clips are made by plastic but the quality is different when you buy hair at different brands. Let’s make sure that you choose a prestigious hair extensions brand and check them before using to avoid regrettable situations.

Good Long Hair

The beauty

Having real and good hair always gives your hair the best beauty. Commonly, hair is ordered with the original long straight texture. It is soft and natural which can be suitable for every kind of women in the world. From this basic type, you can create hair with any style you want.

In case that you don’t have much time to style hair, you can completely buy clip in hair extensions with other creative textures. With the advantage of the ideal length size, styles with wavy or curly hair will still be outstanding and eye- catching.

Hair Beauty

The price

The price of 30 inch hair clip ins is decided on many elements such as the standard, the texture, the color and the quantity of hair. In fact, good products often do not have the cheap cost. It is clear that you get what you pay for. However, you can completely find for these good hair extensions with the price which is more reasonable without spending too much money buying hair from big brands with the exorbitant price.

3. What are wonderful things that 30 inch clip in hair extensions bring to?

You will actually never feel disappointed when owning these 30 inch hair clip ins because they are really gorgeous savior for every problem of your hair.

Ideal length size

Not many people can have hair with more than 75 centimeters so that these hair extensions are very rare and unique. With this outstanding hair length, you will actually become the most attractive person in the crowd. It doesn’t matter whether your hair is straight, wavy or curly, they still look impressively long. In case you want to change your short hairstyle in some times, using these hair clip ins is really wonderful.

Ideal Long Hair

Voluminous hair

Many girls feel upset because of their thin and weak hair. They have found thousands of different methods to cure their hair but results are not pretty satisfactory. Instead of waiting for months, even years to have better hair naturally, you can completely have a new hair appearance which is more voluminous, more beautiful and more charming than ever thanks to 30 inch clip ins.

Every texture of these hair extensions can make your real hair become thicker, more puffing and more stunning. As for women with thin hair, choosing hair with styles of hair wave or hair curl is the best choice. They hide shortcomings of weak and thin hair, even hair loss very well. Whereas, if you only need to add some more hair strands for a new image or build mature and mysterious styles, adding 30 inch hair with straight textures can be a not- bad idea.

Voluminous Long Hair

Hair protection

When you use clip in hair extensions with 32 inch, their overwhelming length size put some pressure on your head. That can make more hair breakage and hair shedding. Especially when use traditional hair types such as weave hair, tip hair, etc which need needle, thread and heat, hair can get much more damage.

In these cases, using hair clip ins is really wonderful. You don’t need to make any adding effect to your hair, these hair clip ins can still be applied to give the best result without making pains, hair knots or hair damage.

The convenience

Obviously, clip in hair is considered one of the most convenient hair products. You can easily wear them as well as take them off without asking for any help. Even when you are not a skillful person, you can completely do that in only some minutes. This is really a very big advantage for modern and busy women who have very little time to visit hair salons to take care of their hair frequently.

Applying Clip In Hair Extensions

4. Where should you buy 30 inch clip ins?

Good hair extensions brands

These gorgeous things only happen when you buy good 30 inch clip in hair products. The most popular hair extensions nowadays come from famous regions such as Brazil, Malaysia, India, etc. However it will be a very big shortcoming if we don’t mention Vietnam hair.

Hair of Vietnamese women is extremely natural and mild. Each hair strand is not too thick and too slim so that they meet almost demands of women all over the world. Moreover, initial hair is black, straight and smooth naturally without any adding effects. It is really ideal to give nice image on hair.

Good Long Hairstyle

Luxshinehair brand

Luxshinehair is a famous and prestigious brand of hair extensions in Vietnam. All products of the company are made from 100% real human virgin and remy hair of the Vietnamese. Thus, the quality of hair sources is undeniable. In addition, hair clip ins are also carefully attached on regular weft lines of hair to give the firmest hair products which have the longest lifespan.

All hair extensions of Luxshinehair are highly appreciated by millions of women all over the world. They can meet various demands of hair textures, hair colors and hair length from the prissiest customers.

Luxshinehair Long Clip In Hair

Are all of these aforementioned suggestions of 30 inch clip in hair extensions impressive enough for you to buy them? We make sure that almost of your answer will be “Yes!” There is no more reason for cancelling buying these wonderful hair products. Let’s contact Luxshinehair immediately to get them as soon as possible!



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