For centuries, long hair has become a symbol of the feminine. It is assumed that girls with long hair are always gentle and seductive.

However, having long hair means that there are a lot of troubles that girls have to face in daily life. So, what are problems for girls with long hair. Today, Luxshinehair will highlight some common problems that only girls with long hair can understand.

1. Shampoo and conditioner have to be restocked regularly

In comparison with short hair, long hair, of course, requires a larger amount of shampoo and conditioner to make your hair clean enough. Consequently, you have to restock your shampoo and conditioner regularly. Also, it will take you a longer time to wash your long hair.

2. Drying hair is a long process

Washing long hair is quite time-consuming and so is drying it. It seems to take ages to get your hair dried after being shampooed.

3. Combing hair is a luxury

A lot of girls consider combing their long hair a nightmare because of the fact that there are too many knots and tangles. Someday you may be so lazy that you even do not want to comb your hair.

4. Hair gets stuck in everything easily

Girls with long hair will find that it is easy for long hair to get stuck in zippers or buttons of their clothes, or it may be clamped in the middle of the door slot or the car door. So annoying!

5. Wind is the No.1 enemy

After watching a movie or an advertisement, you may be intrigued by the actresses with long hair as the hair flying in the wind makes them look so sexy.

Nevertheless, the fact is that we always have to struggle when there is wind outside. Hair will fly into your mouth and your face just because of a gust of wind. The hairstyle that we have to spend a lot of time styling is destroyed by extreme wind. That’s why wind is considered to be the No.1 enemy of girls with long hair.

6. Long hair makes eating inconvenient

It is not easy for girls with long hair to eat and keep their hair from dipping into the food at the same time.

7. You sometimes may suffer from a headache

As a matter of fact, long hair will put more pressure on your head than short hair does, especially after you wear a tight ponytail or a tight bun all day long. As a result, you will feel a headache coming on.

8. You sometimes think of cutting your hair off

Have you intended to have your long hair cut for a drastic change? Have you ever googled some phrases like “trendy short haircuts” and “best hairstyles for your face shape”?

I think most girls with long hair have ever done like that.

However, in the end, we are so strongly attached to our long hair that we do not want to say goodbye to them. Your seductive look with long hair deserves what you have to suffer from, right?

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