7 Hair Mistakes That Do You More Harm Than You Thought

Hair Mistakes
Hair Mistakes

Some people find hair care expensive and time-consuming. They feel exhausted to solve an unlimited number of problems happened to their strands and spend a lot of bucks on hair salon or seeing a hair specialist. However, there are “small” things you do as a habit but you never think they are implemented in the wrong way. This article aims to tell you your daily hair mistakes that do your tresses more harm than you thought.

Putting wet hair in a ponytail     

Wet Ponytail
Wet Ponytail

Some have a habit of making braids when their hair is still wet to create heatless curls, or they are not patient enough to leave home with dry hair but a moist ponytail. If you can’t wait, we suggest using a serum or leave-in treatment into your mid-lengths and ends of your strands. Pulling your hair back too soon after shampooing is one of the big hair mistakes that destroy your tresses.

Another hair mistake: Drying your hair with a rough towel

That sounds common but stretching or pulling your hair with a rough towel does it more harm than good. Instead of aggressively drying it that way, you had better twist it up in a nice towel-turban. This is to get the moisture out of your hair in a gentle and gradual manner.

Washing your hair arbitrarily       

If you never knew that washing your hair whenever you want is one of the big hair mistakes, then we need you to rethink it once. You are advised that cleansing your hair more than you need can strip away natural oils, making it more brittle and breakable. That makes sense. However, do not be lazy. Excessive oils shall make the pores on the scalp become congested, attracting more dirt and accumulation.

Talking about hair type regrading hair density and strands’ diameter, if you have medium hair and your scalp is not too oily, the suggested shampooing frequency for you is 3 to 4 times per week. In between shampoos, soak up oils with a light coat of dry shampoo on your scalp and use a boar bristle brush to deliver oils from root to ends for extra shine and conditioning.

Rinsing with hot water is also a hair mistake

Rinse With Cold Water
Rinse With Cold Water

You know high heat from hot tools such as straighteners and dryers should severely damage your hair. Not just hot air but also hot water could do harm to your strands.

It is fine to use warm water to wash out the shampoo since it allows your hair cuticles to open up and ensure your hair is cleansed from the inside out. However, when you condition, you had better rinse with cold water to seal the cuticle closed. This helps add a healthy shine that will last for long.

Not using a color-safe shampoo

Purple Shampoo
Purple Shampoo

After leaving a hair salon with beautiful hair color, do not forget to buy color-safe shampoo. Otherwise, your hair dyed will soon fade away and become dry. This type of shampoo will softly cleanse your locks but retain color and provide with the moistures that hair dyed needs.

For example, if you have your hair dyed blonde, purple shampoo is a solution to preventing your hair from going brassy. But it should not replace your regular shampoo. Overusing purple shampoo will turn your hair dull and add unexpected grey or purple shades.

Brushing your hair when it is wet is a big hair mistake 

I know it is annoying to find your strands tangled while and after you shampoo. But keep in mind that wet hair is more elastic and weak, so stretching it out with your comb will make it easily break.

Downward Washing
Downward Washing

Instead, you should brush your hair before washing. If your hair is curly or wavy or/ and easily gets tangled, you can massage it in a downward direction instead of a circular motion. Or you will use your fingers to gently reduce tangle and wait until the hair is dry.

Overusing dry shampoo

Dry Shampoo
Dry Shampoo

We agree that dry shampoo is one of the best hair beauty inventions of all time. Just after a few sprays, your greasy hair will instantly look more voluminous and oil-free.

However, you should never overuse this stuff. Oils and dirt accumulation day by day needs to be removed from the scalp and hair to make follicles clean and balanced. Dry shampoo can’t do this. Instead, they clog hair follicles, leading to hair loss and preventing hair growth. You should use dry shampoo just once a week, or twice max.

We would like to give you another way to reduce grease on your scalp quickly. Massage your scalp using your fingers to loosen and break buildup, then take a paddle brush from your scalp to ends to delivering your scalp’s natural oils through your strands. This will add a healthy shine on your hair and reduce grease on top of the head. There are also other ways to instantly hide your greasy hair without using dry shampoo.

If you never realized those hair mistakes could ruin your hair ever before, then it is the time to make changes to your bad habits. You will see a considerable improvement in your hair health and beauty.


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