6 Reasons To Use A Clarifying Shampoo For Natural Hair

Clean And Healthy Hair
Clean And Healthy Hair

Your traditional shampoo may be great enough for keeping your hair and scalp clean on a daily basis. But you will need more than that when you feel like you want a deeper clean. You may know clarifying shampoos are born for that purpose as its name suggests. However, in this article, we will tell you more reasons why you should use a clarifying shampoo for natural hair other than just one effect mentioned above. If you think it’s just for deep cleaning, you’re probably going to use the shampoo so rarely that you’ll forget its existence.

But, wait, do you really know what a clarifying shampoo is?

Clarifying Shampoo

Clarifying shampoo is also known under other names such as “purifying shampoo” and “deep-cleansing shampoo“. It aims to brush away stubborn accumulation on your hair. The accumulation should not only be dirt but also slippery silicones, waxes, moisturizers, or plain old gunk from your regular shampoo, conditioner or styling products, etc. More powerful than you think, clarifying shampoos also help remove mineral deposits from hard water, chlorine, and other chemicals from a swimming pool on your strands.

Most of your regular shampoos are designed to cleanse gently, with a lower percentage of surfactants (cleaning agents) compared to moisturizing content, hence,  they make your tresses look and feel shiny and smooth. Meanwhile, a clarifying shampoo contains fewer conditioning agents and more surfactants to cleanse the hair as best as possible.

Apart from making your hair look and feel clean, there are more reasons to try this type of product.

1. Removing accumulation of your conditioner, hair care, and styling products.

Deep Cleaning Hair

We agree that your regular hair products should not be replaced, yet it is essential to occasionally use a clarifying shampoo to remove any accumulation especially of silicone-based conditioners, styling products, and other types of leave-ins.

In case you use a lot of hair products, then you need to clarify your hair once a week. Otherwise, once every two to three weeks should be the right frequency.

2. A temporary volume booster for fine, straight and non-color-treated hair

Volumizing Hair
Volumizing Your Hair

People with fine, straight hair which usually look flat and greasy should read this. A clarifying shampoo could help volumize your hair for a special occasion since it is so light and deep-cleansing.

However, if your hair is not that oily, you should not overuse it as it can dry your hair out. You will want to compensate the next time you wash it with some extra conditioner.

Also, do not use a clarifying shampoo as your regular shampoo if you have your hair dyed since the color will soon fade away.

3. To pay back your blonde shade when it goes brassy.

Bassy to Blonde
Bassy to Blonde

Even when your hair is naturally blonde or dyed blonde, clarifying shampoo helps remove yellow tones stick in your strands. Those yellow shades could be mineral deposits from shampooing water, pollution from the air, cigarette smoke, or your hair styling products, etc. You can use a clarifying shampoo once per week, along with a purple shampoo once per week to say goodbye to the stupid brassiness.

4. To re-start your hair regimen with a clarifying shampoo

Clean And Healthy Hair
Clean And Healthy Hair

Yes, it is a common reason to use a clarifying shampoo for natural hair.

If you feel like your hair is acting unmanageable recently, it is suggested to refresh your hair to go back to a clean state. This aims to let you know how your hair falls and dries naturally, without any product in it at all. Then you could make a wise decision to choose your new own hairstyle which will work best on you.

5. To cope with hard water deposits and chlorine

Getting a weird greenish hue on your hair after you enjoy your time in a cool swimming pool is one of the most common summer hair problems. In this case, you will need a strong enough shampoo, I mean a clarifying shampoo is not a bad idea. If a swimming cap cannot totally preserve your hair shade, then weekly or monthly clarifying is a great additional step.

6. To prepare to dye your hair with clarifying shampoo

Hair Dye Preparation
Hair Dyeing Preparation

Before you add a new color on your hair, make sure there is no mineral or product build-up on it. Clarifying your hair is an essential step to make a good foundation for dying your hair.

However, you should not use your clarifying shampoo on the same day that you dye your hair since the scalp’s oil is needed to protect you from irritation. You are advised to shampoo one or two days before you color your locks, and remember to take care of your dyed hair after that.

It is smart to use a clarifying shampoo for natural hair as it has more than just the deep – cleansing function. But it is a double-edged sword which you should use wisely if your hair is dry or colored- treated.


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