5 Solutions to Your Common Summer Hair Problems

Summer Hair
Summer Hair

The eventful summer has been visiting your life together with beautiful and sunny beaches, cool swimming pools and so bustling parties. Nevertheless, you may find that your hair is not ready for all of them. Summertime seems to be the season of hair issues when you have to worry more about your strands. You will need to know thoroughly how to cope with your summer hair problems to really enjoy the most exciting season of the year.

Luckily, there are easy and natural ways to manage your tresses. Here are some of the most common hair issues you’re likely encountering this season, and how to deal with them.

1. Sunlight Damage

Summer Hair

You are more familiar with protecting your skin from UV rays. Keep in mind that these rays will hurt your hair too. The sun breaks down the keratin bonds, leading to weaker strands and fading color. As simple as covering up your skin with large clothes, wearing a hat can help save your tresses.

Various hair products that boast UV protection may also work, as long as you apply them in the right ways under instructions. For example, a moisturizing leave-in conditioner should do the trick to well treat sun-dried hair.

You should not just focus on your hair strands but ignore your scalp. Your hair, in fact, does not cover totally your scalp and there is a high chance that your scalp will be damaged by the sunlight. Sunscreen for the scalp is extremely essential since it is also a vulnerable skin part of your body.

You are recommended to use shampoos and products with antioxidant ingredients such as soy, green tea or vitamin C. And if you notice a little damage on the area, you will need to cover up as soon as possible to avoid the further sun, then use cool water in the shower and normal sunburn soothers like aloe.

2. Chlorine Effects on Summer Hair

Swimming Pool

For girls who have their tresses dyed, too much time in the pool can negatively change the color, especially if they are very light. But it is not due to the chlorine itself. It is likely because of copper lurking in the pools where the chemical balance is not quite right. The chlorine molecules get strapped in the strands and oxidize the metals found in trace amounts in the water. Hence, it is the oxidized copper that is actually the cause of the brassy shades easily noticed on the light color of hair.

Chlorine, on the other hand, can still damage the hair structure. Cuticles, the outer layer of the hair will start to lift up. As a result, water can get into the center of your hair strands and make them more brittle. And you may find their hair breaks more easily in the summer, especially if it is dyed or straightened.

We are not advising you to go swimming less frequently. There are a few easy ways to prevent damages. The easiest can be done is to rinse your hair under tap water before jumping into the pool. Plain water binds to the hair, making it more difficult for chlorine to get to it. A leave-in conditioner can be a good pre-pool option as well since it has a similar effect. In addition, you could use a weekly hair mask to repair the damage and seal the cuticle.

At the same time, do not forget to wear a swim cap and wash with shampoo and conditioner specifically formulated for swimmers to replace lost moisture.

3. Greasy Tresses as a Typical Summer Hair Issue

Greasy Hair
Greasy Hair

It is usually recommended that you should follow the right shampooing frequency for your hair health. Yet you definitely need to wash more in the summer.

Even you try to stay away from outside or strong activities, the hot weather will still make your hair oilier. Furthermore, those who put sunscreen on their face and back shall not keep their locks from touching the cosmetic, leaving it dirtier. If you notice an oilier-than-usual scalp, feel free to lather up.

4. Frizzy Strands

Frizzy Hair
Frizzy Hair

Wavy girls and curly girls shall be often annoyed with frizz. High temperature and humidity in the summer will make flyaway strands increase in size. When the hair shaft absorbs moisture from the air, a smooth cuticle covering the shaft of healthy hair gets disrupted. This will break some of the chemical bonds that keep the hair straight and roughing up the cuticle, taking away shine and smoothness.

If you find your strands frizzy, stay away from heavy products. Instead, look for an anti-frizz serum or spray. Products with the moisturizer dimethicone — silicone-based products could also help smooth down the cuticle.

5. Hateful Split Ends

Split Ends

There are different types of split ends which are resulted from various causes, yet this hair issue will likely become more severe in the summer. Not only UV rays but also high temperatures can destroy the bonds that make hair strong. It can suck the moisture out of your locks and lead to breakage. To ease the brittleness, we suggest you use a heavier treatment like Moroccan oil.

However, all products you can use will just prevent new split ends from appearing. With hair parts that already turned into “feather”, you had better do a little trim to freshen your hair up.

We hope you will feel “summertime sadness” no more after finding ways to deal with your summer hair issues. There should be nothing preventing you from enjoying this awesome season.

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