2018 fabulous hairstyles of Vietnamese stars


Looking up to some of the most fabulous hairstyles of celebrities can be super fun because they can inspire you a lot to change your look in a trendy and elegant way. The Hollywood hairstyles are too popular, so let’s do something different. Today, we are going to zoom in some of the great hairstyles of Vietnamese stars.

Truth be told, Vietnamese hair is endowed with strong, straight and thick characteristic; however, these advantages sometimes get annoying.

It is not easy to style or change the look due to the strong feature which makes it stubborn to chemical and styling hair tool. Besides, the natural dark color doesn’t facilitate the dyeing process at all, particularly for those who want bright shades. Nonetheless, there are tons of techniques and hairstyles that can suit Vietnamese hair’s features. Let’s have a closer look at these people.

Short hair

2018 fabulous hairstyles of vietnamese stars1

In general, Vietnamese people are quite short compared to other countries and regions. That’s also why short hair is commonly favored by a huge number of women. There are an excessive number of way that you can change up your look with short hair. Here are some suggestions:

  • It can be simple short black hair hugging your face. This is super suitable to those with round face, natural black hair and fair skin like a Vietnamese. It’s not necessarily to dye your black hair into a different color, it still looks classic but sexy and ladylike if you put on some red lipstick.2018 fabulous hairstyles of vietnamese stars2
  • For the ones who are into a gentle, innocent and young look, get yourselves some thin bang. Believe us, it will balance your face frame perfectly. A little color on this hairstyle will be great which you can go for brown, chestnut brown for example. 

2018 fabulous hairstyles of vietnamese stars3

  • The alternative is for a modern, energetic and super awesome is the same hairstyle with the one above but with waves. It can be the number one hairstyle for any young girls and women who are seeking for something new, trendy and rebellious. This short wavy hair is ideal when you give it a tiny touch by gather the top hair into a small bun and see how amazing it is.

Shoulder-length and long hair

Shoulder-length or long hair hair is also a great way to go with Vietnamese hair. If you are a girly girl who wants to pursue famine, elegant look then make it loosely wavy with middle parted hair. Let it black as natural, you are going to look outstanding.

2018 fabulous hairstyles of vietnamese stars4

At the same time, a bit change in the loose of your waves, part your hair in a different way, you can achieve an incredible look which is edgy, unique and can clearly show your interesting personality.

Thin bangs

2018 fabulous hairstyles of vietnamese stars7

Korean thin bangs have been driving the youth crazy for a while. No matter what hairstyle you have, you all can go for thin bangs. This small trick will make you look years younger and it can hide your high forehead at the same time. But remember to wash your bangs regularly if you don’t want a greasy look.

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